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Glencoe Widower / Single Mom of Five in Need of a Six Passenger Vehicle

A Glencoe widower on a very limited income is in need of a vehicle. She is a single mom of five and does not have a functional vehicle. Unknown to her, the vehicle she purchased was previously owned by somebody who lived up north, and there is a significant amount of rust on the vehicle. We had somebody inspect the vehicle in hopes that we could pay for the repairs, and they said that it would be pointless to repair the vehicle due to the amount of rust. One of the children has extensive health issues that require the mom to travel to many different doctors’ appointments. The newborn also needs to travel to appointments. We are coordinating with a local business to identify a vehicle. We are accepting monetary donations. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Jennifer McGriff at (256) 393-0333. 


Delivery or payment instructions will be sent as a follow up.
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