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Opportunities for Kindness

Family Experiencing extreme hardship due to lack of work @ Gaston High School

A family at Gaston High School is experiencing hardship due to lack of work due to Covid. Please provide any donations you can to help this family in need. They are not able to keep up day to day. Please use the donate tab on the site or go by Gaston High school and ask for the School Counselor to donate funds to assist this family. 

Rainbow Middle School special education department is in need of a base for a porch swing

Our sweet special education unit was gifted a wooden porch swing but we have nowhere to hang it. Would someone be kind and donate a wooden base for the swing. Please consider! Our precious students would love to be able to swing outside. Thanks so much! Please contact Rainbow Middle Principal - Allison Lee @ [email protected] 

Thank you in advance for your support and kindness! 

Recently Filled Needs

Child in need of a bed due to house fire

A 10 year old boy is in need of a new bed due to smoke damage from a recent house fire in the Rainbow City Area. A new bed or a donation would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Etowah County Social Worker - Cindy Kirkland @ [email protected]

Thank you for your support and kindness! 

House Fire / Family Needs

Family of 7 lost all belongings in a recent house fire which destroyed the home.  They are currently displaced and are in need of assistance with clothing. New clothing and items please. Please contact Etowah County Social Worker - Cindy Kirkland @ [email protected] Thank you for your kindness! 

Boy Youth Large Shorts and Shirts  

Men's shoes size 7

Boys Shorts size 8, Shirts Medium - Large 10-12 

Boys shoes youth size 3

Girl shirts size 6 or small, pant 6

Boy 4T shirt, 3T shorts

Girl 3T shirts, 2T shorts, 

Girls toddler shoe 7/8 

Diapers size 4

Rental Housing Needed in Rainbow City/Southside Area -

Housing needed due to recent house fire.  The house is needed by an older woman and her grandson. She would be able to pay $450-$500 monthly. The child attends John Jones Elementary and would need to stay there.  Please contact our county social worker, Cindy Kirkland at [email protected] for information or questions. Thank you for your help!! 

House fire in Altoona - Family in need of personal items

We have a family in Altoona who lost a portion of their home in a house fire.  Fortunately, they have relatives to stay with, but they are in need of clothes and personal items. It would be most helpful to be able to give the family a gift card to Walmart to allow them to purchase some necessities. If you would like to help this family, please use the donate link to contribute. A Neighborhood Bridges Area Director will purchase the gift card and deliver to the family. We would like to deliver by Wednesday 4/28 of next week. Thank you #kindnessmatters 

Tornado Victims in the Duck Springs Area. Two families lost their homes and are in need of assistance.

Two families who live in Reece City were in the path of the tornado on Easter. Their homes were destroyed. They have shelter but personal belongings are damaged. They are in need of clothing and shoes. Please use the donate link to provide monetary donation to help these  family. We plan to use the donations to purchase Walmart gift card for these families. Thank you for your consideration to help these families.  

Family in Altoona (West End) area is in need of a lawn mower. Lost jobs and has no means to mow lawn.

Please consider helping this family in a time of need. If you would like to help, please respond or make a monetary donation using the donate button. Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated! #weareallinthistogether #kindnessmatters 

If you have a lawn mower you would like to donate, please note that in your response and we can make arrangements for pickup. 

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