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Opportunities for Kindness

Graduating Westerville Senior Gifts for students in need

Neighborhood Bridges aims to give gift cards to Westerville Schools Graduating Seniors who are in need. We are seeking monetary donations of any amount to purchase these gift cards. Also, if you own a local restaurant or other buddies that would have something to contribute that a high school student might enjoy, please eat us know.  
To donate, click on the “I can help” button below and fill out the information. You will get an automatic response with a link to donate. Thank you! 

Fence Repair Needed

A 6 foot privacy fence was damaged due to strong winds.  Unfortunately, no money or insurance is available to fix it and the yard backs up to public land.  A new fence would be wonderful, but repairs to the 2 sections that blew over would be extremely helpful and appreciated.

Single mom in need of a car

Single mother of two, who is also responsible for another family member, is in need of a car to get to/from work and to transport children to/from school. Donor receives full market value as a tax write-off. 

Recently Filled Needs

Hawthorne looking for healthy nonperishable snacks

Hawthorne is needing healthy, nonperishable snack items for students who are hungry during the school day and can't bring snacks from home.

Water bottles needed for Wilder

Reusable, plastic water bottles needed for students at Wilder.  15-20 extras would be helpful, but any amount is appreciated!

High top shoes needed for student at Wilder

High top (such as Converse) needed for Wilder student.  Children's size 3.

Water Bottles for Walnut Springs

Walnut Springs students are trying to stay hydrated as the weather warms! But, our water fountains are turned off during the pandemic.  Our bottle fillers are on, though, so we are looking for donations of water bottles (reusable or disposable) to distribute to our students when they forget theirs at home.

Huber Ridge family in need of full size refrigerator

A Huber Ridge family is in need of a full size refrigerator.

Westerville North Athlete in need of $150 for pay to play fees

Westerville North Spring Athlete in need of $150 for pay to play fees after their family has suffered financial hardship. Please click the “I can help” button and fill out the form to receive an automatic email response with how to donate. 

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About Westerville

Molly Woodruff, Area Director

Molly has lived in Westerville since 2001 with her husband Chris and son Dylan. She has volunteered at the Westerville Schools and the Westerville Parent Council for many years. Before becoming a mom, she was an Artist/Page Designer at the Columbus Dispatch.

Wendy Loeser, Area Director

Wendy grew up in Westerville and returned in 2002 to raise her family. Wendy has been an active member of the school community as a mother, classroom volunteer, PTA President, and member of the Westerville Parent Council. Wendy and her husband own and operate two local businesses and have 2 children in the Westerville City Schools.

Meg Hogan, Area Director

Meagan has lived in Uptown Westerville since 2006 with her husband Chris and 2 kids, Moira and Grady. She has served on multiple PTO/PTA boards as Treasurer, Vice President and Parent Council Rep. Meg is currently a member of Westerville Parent Council and volunteer coordinator for Blendon Middle School.

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