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Opportunities for Kindness

Back to School Supply Drive! Sponsor a kit for $10!

We are collecting back to school supplies for kids in need. You can either pick up some of the items listed below, or donate $10 electronically and we will buy the supplies for you. If you click on the “I can help” button, you will get an electronic response for where to drop off the supplies or a link to donate. Thank you! 

Elementary: pencils, spiral notebook, head phones, white  boards (small), Dry erase markers, pencil sharpeners, pink erasers, crayons  

Middle: pencils, notebooks, sketch pads, white boards, dry erase markers, colored pencils, markers, rulers, erasers, Pencil sharpeners

High school: folders, paper and pencils.

Hawthorne 3rd Grade in need of supplies

140 new or gently used drawstring bags and white boards (to fit in bags)are needed for Hawthorne Elementary Students. 140 dry erase markers are also needed. Amazon gift cards can also be donated to purchase these supplies. 

Recently Filled Needs

Updated Hawthorne family in need of shoes

Hawthorne family in need of shoes for their children 

 Girls shoes Size 4 
Girls shoes  Size 2 
 Boys shoes Size 1 

Otterbein Promise House Needs Potting Soil

Otterbein's resource center and food pantry, (The Promise House) is seeking a donation of ten bags of potting mix for indoor use. Students are preparing seedlings of herbs, greens, and other produce from the community garden to donate to local food pantries, but the volunteers need potting soil to prepare the free plants for distribution.

Westerville South Graduate in need of assistance starting college

Westerville South Graduate moving into her dorm at Otterbein University and was accepted into the BFA Acting program. There are required goods that students need. Items include certain clothes, shoes, equipment, texts, etc.
Need:$200- Target$200- Amazon$200- Kroger/Mejer/Giant Eagle
Student has been saving to pay for her first semester and is almost there, but with COVID needs help achieving her goals (also $$ on her Otterbein card would be nice).

Two Westerville North students in need of school clothes

Two Westerville North students are in need of clothing and shoes. Their mother is currently out of work and has not received any unemployment checks. Gift cards will also be appreciated to fill this need (Walmart,Target, Kohl’s, Meijer).

Female clothing/shoes

Pants: size 14

Shirts: size large

Shoes: women's size 11

Male clothing/shoes

Pants: size 32

Shirts: size medium

Shoes: men's size 10.5

Burial Cost for Parent of Westerville Student

A Westerville family has suddenly and unexpectedly lost a parent and is in need of funds to help with funeral costs.

Summer School Intervention Fees

We have the opportunity to help at risk students attend summer school intervention classes to help them advance to the next grade level! These are all students who do not have the financial means to pay the fees, and the school district provides a deep discount to those in need. Our goal is to raise $3000 to support 60 or more Westerville students this summer!

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National Sponsors

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Kindness Council Members

About Westerville

Molly Woodruff, Area Director

Molly has lived in Westerville since 2001 with her husband Chris and son Dylan. She has volunteered at the Westerville Schools and the Westerville Parent Council for many years. Before becoming a mom, she was an Artist/Page Designer at the Columbus Dispatch.

Wendy Loeser, Area Director

Wendy grew up in Westerville and returned in 2002 to raise her family. Wendy has been an active member of the school community as a mother, classroom volunteer, PTA President, and member of the Westerville Parent Council. Wendy and her husband own and operate two local businesses and have 2 children in the Westerville City Schools.

Meg Hogan, Area Director

Meagan has lived in Uptown Westerville since 2006 with her husband Chris and 2 kids, Moira and Grady. She has served on multiple PTO/PTA boards as Treasurer, Vice President and Parent Council Rep. Meg is currently a member of Westerville Parent Council and volunteer coordinator for Blendon Middle School.

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