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Family in need of Pediatric Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy services needed for their almost 2 year old with a traumatic brain injury

A community advocate has contacted us about a family that is newer to the Dublin area. They adopted a 2 year old with a non- accidental traumatic brain injury resulting in cerebral palsy, that also has fetal alcohol syndrome and severe drug exposure in utero.The child was recommended to work with physical, occupational and speech therapies on an intensive basis consisting of 45 hours of therapy costing $9,000 for all 3 disciplines. Due to the intensity and frequency of these visits, insurance will not cover the cost of the required therapy and they are ineligible for associated grants for therapy due to their income being just above the required threshold. The family is also fostering to adopt two additional children. Due mounting medical bills,  limited income, and caring for multiple children with special needs, they are unable to afford the cost of therapy for their child. Dublin Bridges is hoping to offset the cost of these therapies. If you are able to donate, please click on I CAN HELP and donation instructions will be sent to your email. 

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