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Opportunities for Kindness

Devices for students in need

We have many families in out district who lack the technology to be successful. While the schools have loaned Chromebooks to students, this was only meant to be temporary so we are looking to help those in need obtain their own device. 

We have developed a partnership with TeamLogic IT who can take older devices, regardless of the operating system. and reimage them into Chromebooks. if you have an older machine and would like to donate it, please review the minimum requirements.

- 2 GB or more of RAM

- USB Port

- Built-in Wi-Fi adapter

- Hard drive

- All hardware items in good working order

- Age of device is less than 6 yrs. old

- Prefer to have built-in camera and speakers

All machines will be wiped to protect your information. Should the machine be rejected, it will be recycled by the company. 

If you have any devices that can be used, please click I CAN HELP link below.  

Recently Filled Needs

Holiday support for families

During the November and December 162 families received support for the holidays from previously collected funds.  

Utility support for families

During December, we assisted with paying to utilities for ten families based on requests from school counselors and principals. 

Holiday fruit baskets and gifts for Stafford Village

Thanks to our partners are FC Bank, we delivered fruit baskets on 12/9 and holiday gifts on 12/24 to the residents at Stafford Village. 

1500 headphones for Worthington students

for 2020-21 school year

Family of Four Lost Everything in House Flood - Currently in Motel

This need is from our partners at the Worthington Resource Pantry.

Mother of two children (with chronic health issues receiving regular medical care) and her dad (also with health issues) lost their home and all household items in a flood that occurred in their previous 100 yr old home. They are currently living in a motel.

1) The most immediate need is clothing for all family members, especially winter clothing such as warm coats, hats, gloves, boots, scarves.  Other warm clothing also needed including underwear, socks, sweatshirts and pants. etc. Sizes below:

- Daughter: (elementary school) clothing size kids 6-7; shoes/boots size kids 1-3

- Son: (middle school) youth size 1x-2x; shoes/boots youth size 10.5/11

- Dad: clothing adult size 2x

- Mom: woman's size 10-12 or L/XL

2) Secondary needs include household items since everything was lost in the flood. Examples listed below:

- Kitchen & Dining: pots and pans, kitchen towels and dish clothes, microwave, serving and cooking utensils, dish set, casseroles, flatware, glasses, mugs, paper goods such as paper towels and napkins, etc. 

- Bathroom: bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, bath mat; also personal care & toiletries such as bath soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, lotion, deodorant, toilet paper, kleenex, etc.

3) Gas cards - for getting back and forth to doctor appts.

4) Christmas gifts: television, books and games for the kids, throws/afghans, etc.

We will accept these items or financial contributions to purchase items for them. Thanks for helping this family get back on their feet!

Homeless couple living in tent needs bedding

The need is for two pillows (FILLED), pillow covers, pillow cases and blankets (FILLED) for a local woman and her husband. They are currently homeless and living in a tent; they hope to get housing through the Y real soon.

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Kindness Council Members

About Worthington

Ray Lees, Area Director 

Ray is an adoptive father of eight children.  He and his husband, Matt, have lived in Worthington since 2003.   Ray has served in PTA leadership positions at Worthington Estates Elementary and Worthingway Middle School.  As a former teacher, Ray volunteers regularly to assist teachers with student screenings, tutoring and individual assistance.  Prior to becoming a full-time parent, Ray held numerous roles in large and small businesses in Central Ohio.  He was a process consultant for Nationwide, network administrator for Behal Sampson and Dietz architecture, training specialist for Nationwide and Sarcom, and a first and third grade teacher.  Ray holds a bachelor’s degree in education from The Ohio State University. 

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