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Opportunities for Kindness

Helping children during the school closure

Our community is mobilizing to help those less fortunate - especially the students of the school district.

First, we are looking for financial support. If you would like to help students in a specific school, you can now designate your gift at the bottom of our donation form found here: https://tinyurl.com/wotown-covid19

There may be volunteer opportunities but those are still in development. We will keep you posted. If you would like to be contacted once we have opportunities, please complete this online form: https://tinyurl.com/urhttga

Thanks to everyone who is willing to help those in need.

Recently Filled Needs

May pizza giveaway

Several donors wanted to help a local business and families who are struggling to get a treat. Through their generosity 17 families were fed over four days. Thanks for your support!

Help with hotel costs

From our neighbors at the Worthington Resource Pantry: A woman who is working is struggling to make ends meet with week. She is in an extended stay hotel and needs $103 to stay for the rest of the week. 

Rent help for a family

We have a single mom with five children who needs help to pay her rent. She used all her savings to pay this month's rent. She was not eligible for a stimulus check and is just really struggling. She cannot work since the kids are home. Her rent is 880.00 and is due June 1.

Storage Unit Fee Needed

A man has just moved to our community after receiving a job offer from Fed Ex. He does not have a start date yet. He is working in order to support not only himself by also his disabled sister who has several children.  To make the move to Ohio, he left his belongings in a storage locker and needs $87 to pay the storage fee. He expects to be able to pay the fees himself once he begins his job. 

Supporting the Class of 2020

Worthington Bridges is helping to celebrate the Class of 2020. While we know there is a community effort that will reach many graduates, we would like to help ensure all students have a gift and are recognized. Therefore, we are requesting donations in hopes of raising $7500. Each student will receive a small gift when they pick up their cap and gown from their respective school. Any excess will go to help fund high school seniors who are identified by the district as needing some extra support (such as qualifies for free/reduced lunch, job loss due to COVID19, etc.)

We appreciate your support of our community's graduates! Be sure to direct your donation to the Class of 2020 at the bottom of the online donation form found here: http://bit.ly/giveworthington

Struggling Family Needs Rent Assistance

Both parents in this family of four lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus crisis. They are trying to make ends meet with new jobs with Door Dash, but due to a language barrier they are struggling to make enough to provide for their family. They would be extremely relieved if they received donations toward their rent for May- $995.00.

While we are aware evictions have been put on hold, this gives the family peace of mind as they continue to provide for their family. 

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About Worthington

Ray Lees, Area Director 

Ray is an adoptive father of eight children.  He and his husband, Matt, have lived in Worthington since 2003.   Ray has served in PTA leadership positions at Worthington Estates Elementary and Worthingway Middle School.  As a former teacher, Ray volunteers regularly to assist teachers with student screenings, tutoring and individual assistance.  Prior to becoming a full-time parent, Ray held numerous roles in large and small businesses in Central Ohio.  He was a process consultant for Nationwide, network administrator for Behal Sampson and Dietz architecture, training specialist for Nationwide and Sarcom, and a first and third grade teacher.  Ray holds a bachelor’s degree in education from The Ohio State University. 

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