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Opportunities for Kindness

There are currently no open opportunities for kindness available in Sycamore. Check back later, or join the mailing list to get updates directly to your inbox.

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Recently Filled Needs

Football Cleats

Sycamore Bridges was contacted by a Junior High football coach to assist a young man purchase a new pair of cleats. The student's cleats ripped last week and they are no longer wearable. He has been borrowing an old pair of cleats from a teammate, but we would like to buy him a pair of his own. We are requesting $54 to complete this purchase. If you would like to offer assistance, reply to this post and a donation link will be emailed to you.

Rec Basketball Registration

Sycamore Bridges was contacted by a school therapist to provide financial assistance to an elementary student so they can participate in recreational basketball this winter. The therapist feels that participation in a team sport will further develop the student's social maturity and growth; however, the student's family is unable to afford an extracurricular activity at this time. This request for assistance was filled before being posted.

Twin Bed Donation

Sycamore Bridges was contacted by a school counselor to find a twin bed for a student. Before we had a chance to post this request, we were offered a twin bed, complete with bedding! Timing and kindness are everything.

Replenish Calming Boxes

Sycamore Bridges was contacted by a counselor at one of our elementary schools to replenish items from the calming boxes we created several years ago. These resources are used in every classroom, including specials and intervention, to help children reset and refocus their attention in a learning environment. The boxes have been an extremely useful tool. We have been asked to replenish well-loved boxes, add additional items to all boxes, and create six new boxes to accommodate added elementary staff this school year. Thanks to a mental health initiative grant, we are able to fill this request without seeking additional funding. This request was filled before being posted.

School Nurse Request

Cleaning closets this weekend? Fall shopping? If so, we are looking for a variety of clothing items to restock the nurse's closet at the Junior High School. Clothing items can be new or gently used, but must be free of rips, tears, and stains. All donated underwear must be new in its original packaging. Specifically, we are seeking:

FILLED! Women's Leggings (Adult sizes XS-XL, 3-4 of each size)

FILLED! Men's Sweatpants (Adult sizes XS-XL, 3-4 of each size)

Women's T-Shirts (Adults sizes XS-XL, 2 of each size)

Men's T-Shirts (Adult sizes XS-XL, 2 of each size)

FILLED! NEW Women's Underwear (Adult S, M, L, one package of each size)

If you are looking to purge some perfectly wearable clothing, we would love to share with our community. Reply to this post to receive a list of our drop off locations.

Gas Gift Card Requested

Sycamore Bridges was contacted by a community advocate to provide a gas gift card to a young, single mom so she can commute to work for the next 10 days until she receives her next paycheck. A large car repair set her behind on bills this month, so she is currently living paycheck to paycheck. We would like to offer her some relief with a $50 gas card. If you would like contribute to this request, reply to this post and a donation link will be emailed to you.

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About Sycamore

Lori Drasnin, Area Director

Lori Drasnin is an active Sycamore parent and volunteer.  She previously served as PTO President for Montgomery Elementary, as well as PTO Treasurer at Montgomery Elementary, E.H. Greene Intermediate, and Sycamore Junior High School.  Over the past decade, Lori has chaired too many PTO events and fundraisers to count and brought innovation and updated programs to our local schools.  Lori also organized a Bedtime Bundle collection from the YWCA Battered Women's Shelter from 2014-2017, and served on the board of Ohio Cleats for Kids (C4K) until taking this role.

Lori holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Michigan, as well as a law degree from Emory University.  She practiced liability defense for six years at Dinsmore in Cincinnati, OH before "retiring" to stay home and raise her children.  Lori is married to husband, Jeff, has two boys, Matthew and Ryan, and two puggles, Max & Erma.

Lori enjoys serving the greater Sycamore community and bridging kindness across the neighborhood.

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