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Opportunities for Kindness

Loss of Father

Sycamore Bridges is working with a community advocate to help a family with young children who just lost their father unexpectedly. We would like to provide restaurant gift cards to ease some of their burden during this difficult time. We are collecting donations that will be converted into restaurant gift cards of the family’s choosing. If you would like to contribute, reply to this post and a donation link will be sent to you. 

Wheelchair Van Rental

Sycamore Bridges is working with a community advocate to help a neighbor who was injured in a devastating jet ski accident. Six weeks ago, our neighbor’s life changed drastically when he suffered a fractured neck, damaged spinal cord, and severe nerve damage to his arms. He spent 12 days in the ICU, 5 days in the hospital trauma unit, and 3 weeks at a rehabilitation facility. Since that time, he has made great strides in his recovery, and his long-term prognosis is very promising. As he prepares to return home, the family has requested assistance in renting a wheelchair van so our neighbor can safely attend his medical appointments and therapies. We hope to cover as much of the $3000 expense as we can. If you would like to make a contribution, please click below and a donation link will be emailed to you. 

Recently Filled Needs

Fresh Groceries

Sycamore Bridges was asked to help a family with their weekly groceries as they’ve fallen on rough times. We are hoping to provide some fresh fruit and meal options to maintain a healthy home. This need was filled before being posted. 

Bunk Beds

Sycamore Bridges is looking for a twin bunk bed and set of mattresses for single mom of five kids. Mom hopes to give each of her children their own bed/personal space. This need was filled before being posted!

Seeking Volunteers

A retired Sycamore Junior High School teacher of 30+ years recently passed away from cancer. Her family is seeking volunteers to help clean out her home so they can list it for sale. Volunteers are needed on Tuesday, June 8 - Saturday, June 12 (beginning at 9 each day). If you are able to spare an hour or several days, your help is greatly appreciated. (Sycamore Bridges can verify volunteer hours if high school or college students want to help!) If you’re interested, reply to this post and detailed information will be sent to you. 

Virtual Tutors

Sycamore Bridges is looking for virtual tutors to assist students with homework and study strategies throughout the school year. Tutors will be matched to a student based on your identified preferences and availability. We have students available in grades 3-12 in all subject areas. If you are interested in helping a student stay on track for a successful year, reply to this post. *Please note you will be required to complete a free background check at the District Office.*

This need has been filled for the 2020/2021 school year. We will reopen the need in the Fall should it be necessary.

2021 Scholarship

Sycamore Bridges will be awarding a $1,500, need-based scholarship to a graduating senior who is pursuing higher education (trade school, community college, 4-year university). This scholarship is named after our beloved superintendent, Frank Forsthoefel, who will be retiring this summer because Mr. Forsthoefel embodies our mission of removing barriers and seeking equity for students so they can succeed in school and life. We are pleased to report that this need was filled before being posted.

Temporary Housing Assistance

Sycamore Bridges was contacted over the holiday weekend to emergently assist a family who was evicted from their home. We were able to secure temporary housing for two weeks while our single mom has a chance to get on her feet. We are collecting financial donations to offset the cost of this housing, as well as provide her with restaurant and gas gift cards to relieve some of her immediate burdens. Mom begins gainful employment this week and is grateful for whatever assistance we can provide. If you would like to make a financial donation, reply to this post and a donation link will be sent to you. 

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About Sycamore

Lori Drasnin, Area Director

Lori Drasnin is an active Sycamore parent and volunteer. She previously served as PTO President for Montgomery Elementary, and currently serves as Treasurer for E.H. Greene Intermediate. Over the past eight years, Lori has chaired too many PTO events and fundraisers to count, and brought innovative and updated programs to the local schools. Lori also organized a Bedtime Bundle collection for the YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter from 2014-2017, and serves on the board of Ohio Cleats for Kids (C4K).


Lori holds undergraduate degrees from The University of Michigan, as well as a law degree from Emory University. She practiced product liability defense for six years at Dinsmore in Cincinnati, OH before “retiring” to stay home and raise her children. Lori is married to husband, Jeff, has two boys, Matthew and Ryan, and two puggles, Max & Erma. 


Lori looks forward to serving the greater Sycamore community and bridging kindness across the neighborhood.

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