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Opportunities for Kindness

An elderly Grandma needs your help!

An elderly NAFP grandmother is in need of bedroom items:



-Queen mattress, bed frame - purchased with NA Bridges funds

-Queen sheets & blanket

Thank you, New Albany Subscribers, for helping this grandmother!

A Struggling Couple Needs Clothing and Queen Bedding

A NAFP couple is struggling to make ends meet and could use the following gently used items:

-Queen Sheets and Blanket

-Female: Socks (medium)

-Male:  Pants size 30x30 and shoes (size 9)

Thank you for donating to this family in need!

Family of 7 Needs your Help!

A family of 7 with five children in the NAPLS district need your help with clothing and household items.

Household Items:

-Full mirror



Clothes for kids:

10-Year-old Twin Girls: 

-Shirts and pants: 12-14 


-Shoes/boots - size 5

14-Year-Old Boy:

-Hoodie Sweatshirts - Mens Small

-30x32 Jeans


-Shoes/Boots size 11

12-Year-Old Girl:

-Shirts/Hoodie Sweatshirts - Adult Small 

-Pants - Teen size 3


-Shoes/Boots - size 8

6-Year-Old Boy:

-Pants and shirts - size 7


-Shoes/Boots size 1.5

Gift cards are also appreciated for groceries and Christmas gifts for the children.  


-3 twin mattresses (purchased with Bridges funds)

-3 Twin bed frames (purchased with Bridges funds)

-King-size bed frame (purchased with Bridges funds)

-3 Dressers

-10 Year Old Girl clothing:  1 dress, 4 sweatshirts, 18 shirts, 1 coat, 1 short, 1 sweater, 1 shoe, 1 pant, socks

-14 year old boy clothing:  1 sweatpants, 1 jean, 2 tshirts

-12-year old Girl clothing: 1 fleece, 2 sweaters, 23 shirts/sweatshirts, 3 leggings, 2 pants, 2 dresses, 1 skirt, 1 jean, 2 shoes, 1 PJ, socks

-7-year-old Boy clothing:  1 pant, 1 tshirts

Thank you for helping this family!

Single mom of 3 needs Furniture and Household items

A recently divorced mother with 3 children has relocated to New Albany to be closer to her aging mother.  She is starting over with almost no furniture or household items.

Items Needed:

-Queen Comforter and Sheets

-3 Twin Comforters and Sheets

-3 Nightstands 


-4 Lamps

-Household items (cooking utensils, dishes, pots/pans, bowls, etc)


-3 Twin Mattresses - purchased with Bridges funds.

-1 Queen Mattress - purchased with NA Bridges funds.

-1 Twin Comforter

-Kitchen table and 4 chairs

-End table

-Sofa table

-1 Queen Bed Frame

-3 Twin Bed Frames

-1 lamp

-Cubby shelves

*$20 Monetary Donation

Thank you for helping this family establish their new home in New Albany.

Family recently arrived in US and need furniture and winter boots

A Family of 3 recently moved to the US.  The need of furniture & boots for winter.


-Boots for 48-year-old female-size-6.5

-Boots for 48-year-old male size 9


-1 King size bed frame

-1 full mattress

-Kitchen Table with 3 chairs

-Coffee Table

-End Table

Thank you for your donations to help this family!

Adult son and elderly mother need your help

An adult son moved to New Albany to help support his mother and could use some furniture and clothing items for he and his mother.

Household Items Needed:

-2 pillows

-Kitchen table with 4 chairs


-Coffee table

Clothing Items Needed: COMPLETE

Gift cards are also greatly appreciated. 

Donated:  $50

Mens:  Boots, gloves, hat

Womens:  Boots, gloves, hat

Thank you for generosity!

Family from Venezuela in need of furniture

A NAFP Family recently arrived from Venezuela is need of beds and furniture. 

Items Needed:

-2 NEW pillows

-Queen blankets

-Chest of drawers 

Donated Items:

-Queen mattress and bed frame - purchased with NA Bridges funds


-Coffee Table

-Queen Sheets

-Night Stand

-2 Lamps

-Kitchen table with 4 chairs

Thank you for helping this family adjust to their new home in New Albany,

NAPLS family of 5 needs Fall/Winter Clothes

A Family has fallen on hard times needs some help with warm weather clothing for their son.  

11-year old boy
-Shoe size 8 Men's - Sneakers, Winter boots
-Winter coat - Boys XL
-Casual, comfy clothing that is appropriate for school.
    -Shirts - Size 16-18 or boys XL
    -Pants- Boys XL

Adult male brother 
Pants - Men's XL
Winter Coat - Men's XL

Adult male brother 
Pants - Men's L
Winter Coat - Men's L

Winter coat - Men's XL
Pants - Men's XL

Winter coat - Women's L
Tops - Women's M
Dress size 10


- 11-year-old boy clothing:  12 shirts, 1 short, 1 sweatshirt, 1 pant, NEW Underwear

-Adult female Med/large clothing:  3 pants, 10 shirts, 6 sweaters

-Adult Male XL:  4 long sleeve shirts, 7 sweaters, 2 button downs

Donated: $50

Thank you for helping this student stay warm this winter!

NAFP Family with 2 teenagers needs furniture and clothing

A NAFP family with 2 teenagers in New Albany schools needs furniture and clothing items.

Household Items:

-Queen blanket & comforter


-Kitchen table with 4 chairs

-End table

Clothing Items:

Female girl-age 15

-Shirts - Adult Small

-Pants size 8

-Shoes 7


Female girl - age 11

Shirts - size Small

-Pants size 8

Shoes size 7


Female Adult 

-Jacket - Large



-Pants - size 12

-Shoes size 7

Male Adult:

-Shirts size Medium

-Pants - 33 waist

-Shoes size 11 

-Socks - large

Gift cards and monetary donations are greatly appreciated!  


-Queen mattress and bed frames

-Queen sheets

-2 Twin mattresses and bed frames

-2 sets of Twin sheets and comforters

-1 Queen sheet set

-4 NEW pillows

-2 bags of size Teen small clothing, 1 pair of boots

-Adult female - 9 sweaters, 7 long sleeve blouses, 4 short sleeve shirts, 1 pair size 12 jeans, 2 cardigans

Thank you for your kindness!

Multiple NAFP members Sharing an Apartment need Rent assistance, bedding, bar stools, and clothing

Several NAFP members are sharing an apartment and in need of rental assistance due to a loss of hours at work. They have most of their rent but are falling short by $850.  They also need some household and clothing items.

Monetary Needs:  $850

Household Needs:

-1 queen sized blanket

-1 king sized sheet

-6 NEW Pillows

-4 counter-height stools

Clothing Needs:

Adult Female

-Shirts - size Medium

-PJs - size Medium

-NEW underwear - size Large


-Shirts - size XL

-Pants - size XL

-Jacket-size XL

-Boots- size 9

Young Adult Female 

-Shirts - Size Medium

Donated Items:

-2 Queen sheet

-1 Queen mattress pad

-1 Queen comforter

-2 King Sheets

-Womens Clothing: 10 sweaters, 5 shirts, 2 pants, 2 pairs of socks, 2 dresses, 4 sweatshirts, 1 cardigan, 5 short sleeve shirts

-Mens Clothing: 5 short sleeve shirts, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 dress shirts, 1 short, 4 jeans, 1 dress pant, 1 XL sweater 

Single mom with Young Child needs furniture and clothing

A Single mom with an 8-year daughter is in need of a bed, furniture & clothing.   

Furniture & Household Items:

-Twin Comforter

-1 NEW bed pillow

-Kitchen Table and chairs



-End Table


-Chest of drawers 

Adult Female Clothing Needs 

-Shirts- size large

-PJ's - size large

-Pants - size 14

-Winter boots - size 8


Donated Items:

-Twin mattress and frame - purchased with Bridges donations

-Twin Sheets and Blanket

-1 NEW Pillow

-Female Clothing: 1 pair of boots, 3 pairs of shoes, 5 shirts, 1 pair of socks, 2 sweatshirts

Thank you for helping this family establish their home in New Albany.

Asylum seeking family with young daughter in need of furniture & clothing

A recent asylum-seeking family with a young daughter is starting their new lives in New Albany and are in need of clothing and furniture.  

Furniture Needs: 

-Queen blankets & Comforter

-Chest of drawers 


Clothing Needs:

5-Year-Old Girl -Size 5-6


-New Underwear




-Shoes - size 10

Female - Size Large


-Pants - size 16


-NEW underwear




-Boots - size 6.5 or 7

Male - Size Medium



-NEW underwear




-Shoes - size 8

Household Donations:

-Queen Sheets

-Queen Mattress and Bed frame - purchased with Bridges donations

-2 New Pillows

-Kitchen table & chairs

-End Table

-2 Lamps

Clothing Donations:

Female:  1 pair of boots,2 pairs of shoes, 6 sweaters, 2 scarves, 1 dress, 1 6 pack new socks, 2 sets of new PJs

Male: 1 pair of shoes, 1 sweatshirt

5-Year-Old:  1 large bag of clothing

Donated: $50

Thank you for your kindness towards helping this family create their new home in New Albany!

Single NAFP Female in need of furniture and clothing

A single NAFP female is in need of furniture and clothing.

Furniture Needs:

-Night stand

-End Table

-Kitchen table with 2-4 chairs

Female Clothing Needs 

-Shirts - Large

-Pants - size 10

-Boots - size 6.5 or 7


-Queen Sheets

-Queen Mattress and Bed frame - purchased with Bridges donations

-2 NEW Pillows


-Clothing: 2 pairs of shoes, 3 sweatshirt, 7 shirts, 1 pair of socks. 10 pairs of pants, 1 new 5 pack underwear 

Thank you for helping this single female in need of your assistance.

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Recently Filled Needs

Female Students need personal care products

Sanitary napkins needed for HS and MS females who are experiencing period poverty.  

Purchased with NA Bridges funds:  4 boxes of sanitary napkins

10-year-old in need of a backpack

A 10-year-old New Albany student is in need of a backpack. His current backpack has a broken strap, and the material is thinning and flimsy. He could use a new backpack to reliably carry his items through the school year. He likes the colors red, blue, and/or purple. 

Donation offer

Navy blue backpack

Thank you for supporting this New Albany student!

5 New Albany Children Need Clothing ASAP

A New Albany family with 5 children is in desperate need of clothing.  School staff has identified that the children often wear the same clothing each day and we are asking for your assistance in making sure the children have new or gently used, clean clothing.

Clothing Needs:

Size 12 Youth Boy - FILLED

Size 8/9 Youth Boy - FILLED

Size 7 Youth Boy - FILLED

Size 4T Girl - FILLED

Newborn Clothing - Still Needed

Donated: 3 bags of 4T clothing, 2 bags boy Medium, 2 bags boy Small and 2 bags of boy Large clothing.  4 infant sleepers

$100 gift card

Gift cards for the purchase of shoes and clothing items is also greatly appreciated.

Help a Family of 5 Keep the Lights On

A NAFP Family of 5 had unexpected car repairs and are now short on their AEP bill payment.  

Need:  $300.16 for AEP bill

Donated:  $305

Thank you for helping this family keep their power on!

Displaced Single mom and Young Daughter need your help.

A New Albany mother and her young daughter have been displaced after experiencing health concerns that resulted in a loss of wages.  The family needs winter clothing, toiletries, gift cards and toys for the 6-year-old daughter.  See complete list of items needed below:

Clothing Items:


-Women's shoes size 7.5  

- Size Large Shirt

-Size Large pants or size 10 

Toiletry items:



-Body Wash


Household Items:


Additional Help:

-Gas & grocery cards to help get to medical appointments 

-Christmas gifts (toys for six-year-old girl)


6-year-old little girl: 6T Clothing FILLED

-Pants: size 5T/5 -

-Shirts: size XS/6

-Winter shoes/boats: size 12/13

-Heavy jacket: size 5/6

-Pajamas: size 5/6

-Twin mattress and frame; bedding 

-Full mattress and frame; bedding

-5T clothing:  8 jeans, 3 sweatshirts, 4 PJ's, 8 shirts, 5 sweaters, 7 dresses, 1 vest, 1 pair boots, winter coat

-Mom:  winter coat, boots

-Toiletries:  1 shampoo/conditioner, 2 toothpaste, 1 body wash  

-Coloring book/crayons

-$50 Target Gift Card

Donated: $50

Thank you for your generosity in helping this family in need.

Elderly New Albany resident in need of money for gas & dog food

An Elderly New Albany resident with medical issues is in need of gift cards for gas & pet food for her emotional support dog.

Gift cards can be dropped off to the New Albany Fire Station lobby or Heit Center lobby. Monetary donations to utilize towards the purchase of gift cards are also greatly appreciated.

Donated:  $150

Thank you for your kindness!

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Thank You!

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Christy was introduced to the neighborhood bridges through her work at the New Albany Food Pantry. She was excited to join New Albany Bridges and felt it was a great way to get further involved in the community. She has lived in New Albany since 2001 with her husband, Jonathan, and their 2 children who are both in the New Albany school district. Christy has a Health Service Administration degree from Ohio University and an MBA from Ashland University. She has worked in healthcare planning and administration for 20+ years and currently devotes her time to healthcare consulting projects. In her free time, she enjoys watching her children play in their many sporting events and spending time with friends and family. Christy is very excited to promote kindness in our community through New Albany Bridges!

Vineetha Thomas, Area Director 

Vineetha was introduced to neighborhood bridges through her volunteer work with the New Albany Food Pantry. She instantly felt that this was a great platform to bridge kindness and support the local community. She has lived in New Albany since 2006 and loves the close knit feel of it. Vineetha has a Bachelor's Degree in General Business & Management from the University of Maryland. She started her hospitality career with Marriott International and most recently worked in Convention Sales at Experience Columbus for 10 years before taking a break to spend more time with her husband and two boys. Both her children attend the New Albany school district. In addition to spending time with her family and friends she also enjoys staying fit and getting involved in the community by volunteering at her kids' schools, at her church, the New Albany Food Pantry and participating in the local Indian community‚Äôs cultural activities.  Vineetha is excited to continue to bridge kindness in our community through New Albany Bridges!

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