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Opportunities for Kindness

NA Student needs sports uniform

A New Albany student needs assistance purchasing their sports uniform.

Uniform Cost:  $200

Total Needed:  $200

Thank you for your generous financial donation so that this student can participate in a school sport.

Single mom in need of mattresses

A Single NAFP mom in need is in need of mattresses and pillows.


-$500 towards the purchase of mattresses

-3 NEW Pillows

Thank you for your generous support of this family!

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Recently Filled Needs

Utility Bill Payment and Gas Gift Cards Needed

A New Albany Food Pantry family with 2 kids in our school system are in need of assistance with their water bill.  They have gotten behind on the bill and can pay part of it but need help with the remaining portion.  They could also use gas cards to help them get to work.


-Water Bill: $345

-Gas Gift Cards: $175

Thank you for assisting this family through a difficult time!

NA Food Pantry Client in Need of Financial Assistance

A New Albany Food Pantry client was unemployed temporarily and fell behind on his gas and electric bills.  He is now employed again but needs help getting caught up while his paychecks catch up.   

Utilities:  $105

Gas:  $185

Total Needed:  $290

Urgent Need for Baby Items

A NAFP member is expecting a baby GIRL in the very near future.  She urgently needs the following items.

Items Needed:

-Car Seat and Crib - donations needed.  We cannot donate used cribs or car seats and will need to purchase these items.

-Infant Diapers

-Infant Girl Clothing 

-Infant essentials - blankets, burp cloths, bibs, etc.

-Storage unit/small dresser


- Purchased - baby car seat, crib with bedding 

-Clothing (15 onesies, 3 sleepers)

-3 Burp Cloths

-2 Towels

-2 blankets

-Changing table and pad

-Crib Sheets

-Boppy Pillow

-1 Bib

-Infant floor play system

-Infant bouncy seat

Thank you for your donations and support of this new baby!

Mom in need of financial assistance to pay Columbia Gas bill before shut off

A NAFP female recently lost her job and fell behind on her gas bill.   She has received shut-off notice and needs immediate assistance to keep it on.

Need:  $350

Thank you for your generous financial donation towards paying this bill!

Mom Going Through a Divorce in Need of a Bed and Bedding

A New Albany Mom is going through a divorce and has been left without many essential items when her husband left. She is currently sharing a twin bed with her child. 


-Queen bedding - comforter

-Financial donations toward the purchase of a new mattress and bed frame


-2 End tables

-$100 towards mattress purchase

-Queen Sheets

-Queen Blanket

Thank you for assisting this mom as she goes through the divorce process.

Help keep the lights on!

A New Albany family with 3 young children have received an electric shut off notice.  The family has negotiated a lesser bill amount but still needs help paying $300.

Donated:  $300

Thank you for helping this family of 5 keep their lights on!

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Thank You!

About New Albany

Christy Apple, Area Director

Christy was introduced to the neighborhood bridges through her work at the New Albany Food Pantry. She was excited to join New Albany Bridges and felt it was a great way to get further involved in the community. She has lived in New Albany since 2001 with her husband, Jonathan, and their 2 children who are both in the New Albany school district. Christy has a Health Service Administration degree from Ohio University and an MBA from Ashland University. She has worked in healthcare planning and administration for 20+ years and currently devotes her time to healthcare consulting projects. In her free time, she enjoys watching her children play in their many sporting events and spending time with friends and family. Christy is very excited to promote kindness in our community through New Albany Bridges!

Linda Finn, Area Director 

Linda Finn, a native New Yorker moved from Omaha, NE to Ohio eight years ago. She immediately loved the “small town” feel of New Albany and looked for an opportunity to get involved in the community. New Albany Bridges filled that need and she has been a consistent donor. Having the ability to remove barriers for our neighbors especially children is so fulfilling. Recently when approached with the opportunity to become an Area Director she realized that she could make even a bigger difference. Linda resides in New Albany with her husband Kevin and three children Conor, Katie and Megan. Linda is very excited to promote kindness in our community through New Albany Bridges!

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