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Opportunities for Kindness

NA Primary Student in Need of Winter & Spring Clothing

An 8-year-old, growing girl is in need of winter and spring clothing.  The mother is a hard-working, single mom trying to make ends meet.  Any clothing items you can provide are greatly appreciated!

Clothing Needs - Size - 10/12



-Spring jacket


-Spring dresses/shorts


pants - 6 pairs, long sleeve shirts - 3, sweatshirts - 2, short sleeve shirts - 3, spring dress -1

Thank you for your donations!

Immigrant family of 4 in need of winter clothes and bicycles

A family of 4 is new to America and New Albany.  They could use help with winter clothing and 2 adult bicycles.  

Clothing needs 

15 Year Old Girl: size adult small

- Shirts/sweatshirts

-Shoes size TBD



16 Year Old Girl:  size adult small

- Shirts/sweatshirts

-Shoes size 8.5



Adult Male: Size Large

- Shirts/sweatshirts

-Shoes size 9.5



-Winter coat

Adult Female: Size Medium

- Shirts/Sweatshirts

-Shoes size 8



2 Adult Bicycles 1 male & 1 female


Men's Large clothing:  1 new sweatpants, 1 new zip fleece, new socks

Women's Medium clothing:  1 new sweater, 1 new PJ, New socks, 7 sweaters, 1 PJ, 2 sweatshirts, 7 t-shirts, 2 size 8 sandals, 1 winter coat

Teen Small clothing:  2 new PJ's, 11 sweatshirts, 3 sweaters, 2 long sleeve shirts, 2 t-shirts, 12 pairs new socks

Thank you for your generous donations!

NAFP male needs assistance with furniture and clothing

A recently divorced male client of the NAFP is in need of some help.  He has a full-time job but has left all the furniture with his wife and needs help establishing his own apartment.  

Items Needed:

-Sofa -**pending donation

-Dresser - **pending donation.

-Coffee table

-Gift cards to local grocery stores

-Cleaning supplies

-Full/Queen bed (mattress, frame, box springs) **pending donation

Clothing Items Needed: (Size Large)



-NEW underwear


-Hat, gloves

-Shoes - size 11

Donated Items

-Full/Queen sheets & comforter

-1 NEW Pillow & 2 pillowcases

-small kitchen table & chairs


-2 Nightstands 

-Dishes, glasses and silverware

Clothing - 1 Sweater

Thank you for your generous donations! 

Adult son supporting mom in need of rental assistance

New Albany Food Pantry client who supports and lives with his mom is having a tough time covering his rent for January. His hours in December were reduced and he is currently struggling to come up with the money. Mom is unable to work so he is the only one earning an income for the family.

We are helping the family with a portion of the rent they are unable to come up with. 

Total amount due 


Still need - $600



Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity! 

In search of a musical instrument for a NAPLS student!

An Intermediate School Orchestra Student needs an instrument to practice music at home. We are looking for a used youth sized bass instrument for this student. 

Bass is a heavy instrument to transport so borrowing it from the school is not an option and it's also one of the most expensive ones to rent. 

"Music can change the world." (Ludwig Von Beethoven)

Elderly NAFP client with mobility issues needs a wheelchair

An elderly NAFP client has mobility issues and requires a wheelchair to travel outside of her apartment.  She has a hand-me-down wheelchair that is broken and is a safety concern so she can no longer use it.  

We will accept a new or gently used wheelchair that is in good working condition.

**Pending donation**

Thank you for helping this elderly New Albany resident.  

Elderly New Albany resident in need of a working vehicle to get to work

An elderly New Albany resident must work to supplement her social security income.  Her car recently broke down and she needs a reliable vehicle to get to work so she can continue to pay her rent and bills.

A reliable vehicle in good working condition.

Please note that we can’t accept monetary donations towards the purchase of a car. 

We appreciate your kindness and look forward to helping our elderly New Albany resident!

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Kindness Council Members

Recently Filled Needs

Single NAFP father needs gas cards

A Single New Albany father of 4 kids needs help with gas cards to help transport his children.  The father is between jobs and would appreciate any help he can get.

Need = gas gift cards

Donated:  $300

Thank you for your kind donations!

Displaced NAHS student needs Winter Clothes

Outside of his own control, this young man has been temporarily displaced from his home.  He does not have access to his most of his clothes and personal items, and we do not know if and when he will get access.  He quickly needs outfitted for Winter.  He is in need of a men's winter coat, size small or medium.  He also needs a hat and gloves.  He is in need of mens athletic shoes that could be used for working out and weightlifting, size 6.5.  These can be new or gently used.  A gift card to Target or Kohl's could also be used to purchase these items and would be appreciated.  This young man is a caring individual who has actually volunteered for Neighborhood Bridges in the past and is now the one in need.  Items can be dropped off at the New Albany High School Main Office to the attention of Stefanie Drugan prior to 10:00am on Friday, December 16th.

Need not posted due to sensitive nature of HS student.  Bridges and Vineetha/Christy covered the need. 

Donated:  2 new sweatshirts, 2 new jogger pants, 2 new shorts, hat, gloves, 1 PJ bottom, 1 used North face coat, $150 Kohl's gift card, cash and Starbucks gift card

Family In Need of Warm Winter Clothing

A New Albany family is in need of warm winter clothing. This family recently immigrated to New Albany. Both parents are working but they are having some trouble affording clothes for their family, and especially meeting their clothing needs for the colder weather. 

They could also use laundry detergent and cleaning supplies as well. A gift card to Meijer or Walmart would be ideal for this family. 

11 year-old boy:  SIZE IS PENDING
Shoes: Size 8 or 8.5 (Sneakers and snow boots)
Tops: Boys XL
Pants: Boys XL
NEW underwear and socks

18 year-old boy:
Shoes: Size 11 (Sneakers and/or boots)
Tops: Men's medium
Pants: Men's large

Shoes: Men Size 12 (Sneakers and/or boots)
Tops: Men's Large
Pants: Men's large


11 Year Old Boy - 2 North Face fleece/jackets, 1 coat

18 year Old Boy - 4 jogger pants, 5 sweatshirts, 4 long sleeve shirts, 2 short sleeve shirts, 1 sweater

Father - 2 jogger pants, 9 pants, 4 long sleeve shirts, 4 short sleeve shirts

$150 Donation towards gift card & $80 cash 

Gift cards and monetary donations are always appreciated!  Thank you!

Family with 4 children in NA Schools need your help with bedding, furniture & clothing

Single mom with 4 children in NA Schools asking for bedding, furniture & clothing.

Household Items Needed:

-2 Full blankets

Clothing Items Needed:

Family has 3 girls (ages 3, 6, 10) and 1 boy (age 12).  There is some confusion about sizes so gift cards are ideal so kids can try on clothes and shoes for the right fit.

Household Donations:

--4 NEW pillows

-2 Complete queen bed (mattress, frame, box springs) - purchased from Bridges donations 

-2 Queen bedding (sheets) - purchased from Bridges donations 

-1 NEW Pillow

-2 Full-sized blanket

-1 Queen Comforter


-2 Living room chairs

-6 Pictures

-3 Rugs


$400 Donation towards gift card purchase

Gift cards and monetary donations are greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your generosity!

New Albany Family in Need of Children's Clothing & Shoes

A single New Albany guardian who has taken custody of 3 NAPLS children need some assistance with clothing. The family is open to donated clothes and/or gift cards to go get clothing as sometimes sizing is tricky for older kids. The family's very appreciative of any help. 

Their sizes are as follows:

15 year-old boy:
Pants size 32x32
Tops: Medium Men's
Shoes: Size 9.5 men's
Boots: Size 9.5 men's
NEW Socks and underwear

14 year-old girl:
Pants: size 5/7
Tops: Medium juniors
NEW Socks and underwear

Size 8 women’s shoes 

10 year-old boy:
Pants: Size 14 husky (these can be tricky to find)
Tops: Medium Men's
Tennis shoes: Size 8 men's
Boots: Size 8.5 men's
NEW Socks and underwear

Donated Items:

15-year old boy:  1 fleece zip sweatshirt, 2 hoodies, 3 short sleeve shirt, 3 sweatshirts, 2 long sleeve shirts, 1 sweater

10-year old boy: 1 fleece zip sweatshirt, 2 hoodies, 3 short sleeve shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts, 3 sweatshirts

14-year old girl:  6 short sleeve shirts, 4 long sleeve shirts, 1 jogger pant, 3 sweatshirts, 1 legging, 1pajama pants, 1 sweater, Shoes: Size 8 women's, 3 pairs of jeans, 5 tank tops, 1 sports bra, 3 pairs socks, 1 sweater

$400 donation towards gift card purchase

Gift Cards are much appreciated!  Thank you for your kindness in helping this family!

New Albany Family of 5 Needs help with Grocery gift cards

A New Albany family of 5 needs some assistance keeping groceries in the home for their 3 children. The family recently moved to New Albany for a better education for their 3 children and can use some support as they get established in their new community.  They have joined the NAFP but could use assistance supplementing their grocery bills between pantry visits.

Monetary donations towards the purchase of gift cards or Walmart gift cards are much appreciated! 

Donated:  $200 towards gift card purchase from New Albany Bridges & $100 from donors. 

We thank you for your kindness! 

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Thank You!

About New Albany

Christy Apple, Area Director

Christy was introduced to the neighborhood bridges through her work at the New Albany Food Pantry. She was excited to join New Albany Bridges and felt it was a great way to get further involved in the community. She has lived in New Albany since 2001 with her husband, Jonathan, and their 2 children who are both in the New Albany school district. Christy has a Health Service Administration degree from Ohio University and an MBA from Ashland University. She has worked in healthcare planning and administration for 20+ years and currently devotes her time to healthcare consulting projects. In her free time, she enjoys watching her children play in their many sporting events and spending time with friends and family. Christy is very excited to promote kindness in our community through New Albany Bridges!

Vineetha Thomas, Area Director 

Vineetha was introduced to neighborhood bridges through her volunteer work with the New Albany Food Pantry. She instantly felt that this was a great platform to bridge kindness and support the local community. She has lived in New Albany since 2006 and loves the close knit feel of it. Vineetha has a Bachelor's Degree in General Business & Management from the University of Maryland. She started her hospitality career with Marriott International and most recently worked in Convention Sales at Experience Columbus for 10 years before taking a break to spend more time with her husband and two boys. Both her children attend the New Albany school district. In addition to spending time with her family and friends she also enjoys staying fit and getting involved in the community by volunteering at her kids' schools, at her church, the New Albany Food Pantry and participating in the local Indian community’s cultural activities.  Vineetha is excited to continue to bridge kindness in our community through New Albany Bridges!

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