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Recently Filled Needs

Queen Bed Sheets

Family is in need of queen bed sheets for her 3rd grade boy

student in need of clothing

student needs a pack of underwear (men's small). Boy's (largest "child" size 18-20) shirts/tshirts; shorts, size 16/18-18/20 (largest "child" size). 

family in need of hygiene products

3 or 4 of each of the following: shampoo, body wash or bars of soap, body lotion, deodorant, toothpaste.

packs of toilet paper, 2-3 containers of laundry detergent

4 towels, hand towels, and a pack of wash cloths

Need for Hygiene Supplies for Local Schools

With warmer months approaching, our counselors in the McAdory schools are in need of aerosol deodorant and body wipes to help our students practice good personal hygiene.  Students frequently forget to wear deodorant or have limited resources at home and will often seek assistance from our counselors.  Lack of good personal hygiene can effect social interactions and self-esteem.  

Request includes:

10 female aerosol deodorant

10 male aerosol deodorant

10 packs of body wipes

1st grade boy in need of clothing/ shoes

one pair of athletic/tennis shoes, velcro would be great! boys size 4 

pack of socks 

5 t-shirts(graphic tees/to wear to school) Adult XL
boxer briefs -men’s M 

Student house fire

2nd grade student's family had house fire over the weekend and lost everything. Anything will help. Family has 5 boys.   In need of donations of gift cards to Walmart, Target and local restaurants as well as clothing donations. 

Clothes sizes below:

36/30 pants

XL shirt

32/30 pants

Large shirt

30/30 pants

Medium shirt

Size 8 pants






2 youth

8 toddler

+15 more
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