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Opportunities for Kindness

There are currently no open opportunities for kindness available in Hueytown. Check back later, or join the mailing list to get updates directly to your inbox.

Recently Filled Needs

Hueytown family loses 7 year old daughter, needs help to cover funeral expenses.

Hueytown Primary School has lost a seven year old student.  Her two siblings attend Hueytown Intermediate School.  Financial help is needed for funeral expenses.  Money will be paid directly to the funeral home. Checks can be mailed to 6668 Post Oak Drive Hueytown, AL 35023, or click the donate button here: https://neighborhoodbridges.or...

Family of elementary child with special needs is without beds. Requests three beds.

The family of a student with special needs is without beds.  We are still in need of one twin mattress, two twin box springs and one queen bed frame and box springs.

Clean, gently used welcomed.  Or donate online to help this family https://secure.1stpaygateway.net/secure/custompayment/neighborhoodbridgeshueyt/13351/default.aspx?

Update: Twin  headboards, twin frames, one twin mattress and a queen mattress have been donated!!!!! Thank you!

Family of 16 year old boy hit hard during pandemic; lost electricity and car.

The family of a 16 year old boy has lost their gas, power, and car was repossessed.  They managed to get enough to restore their gas service. Asking for food for the family, boy's sizes are: Pants 32X30, Mens large shirts, Mens large sweatshirt jacket, earbuds/headphones, books in fantasy, history (especially WW2), artificial intelligence, video games for Xbox 1.

If you can help in any way; give online and someone will shop for you, shop online and have it shipped to Hueytown Fire Station at City Hall (Station 1), or shop and deliver it to the fire station.  Mark it High School and the firefighters will deliver to the school.

This site does allow you to donate via PayPal or mail a check to 6668 Post Oak Drive, Hueytown, AL 35023.  

Be Santa's helper and sponsor a kid for Christmas!!!

Donate $50 to sponsor a local child for Christmas. Our goal is to sponsor 50 children. Give online at Neighborhoodbridges.org (look for our community of Hueytown) or mail a check to 6668 Post Oak Drive, Hueytown, AL 35023.  

Mom who lost job due to Covid, asks for coat and tennis shoes for daughter.

Mom lost job, was hospitalized for a while, asking for a child's size XL pink/purple coat for her daughter and tennis shoes in a size 1.  If you can help, place items in a bag and mark it School #4, then drop off to the fire station number one on the left side of city hall during business hours. You can also donate on this site and they'll be purchased for you.

Teenage Brothers Lost Everything in House Fire

Two high school brothers lost everything in a house fire.  There is an immediate need for clothing. 

Son A

  • Shirts, XL
  • Pants, 40-42 - length 34
  • Shoes, 11.5 mens
  • Underwear and undershirts, XL
  • greatest need is socks, underwear, and undershirts
  • need clothes for colder weather

Son B

  • Shirts, XL
  • Pants, 40 - length 30
  • Shoes, 10.5 mens
  • Underwear and undershirts, XL
  • greatest need is socks, underwear, and undershirts
  • need clothes for colder weather

If you can contribute please deliver to Hueytown Fire Station #1 (at City Hall) ASAP.  Please mark it "HIGH SCHOOL".  If you want us to do the shopping for you donations can be made here on the website or checks can also be mailed to Neighborhood Bridges Hueytown  6668 Post Oak Drive  Hueytown, AL 35023  THANK YOU HUEYTOWN!!  #KindnessMatters  

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