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Opportunities for Kindness

Shelter a basic need we take for granted!! Donations made here online to help a Covid affected family transition to permanent housing. This is an amazing family who needs our help

Hoover, one of our families had to be relocated to temporary housing due to loss of jobs during Covid. We are currently providing some much needed assistance to this family as they relocate to their new apartment.  You can donate any amount to allow our precious student continued Hoover education. Thanks Hoover for always supporting our students and our mission to help ANY student in need. 

Recently Filled Needs

Monetary donations made here to help a family with 5 students get some groceries. We are going to delivery these groceries to the family.

Hoover we hope to provide some food assistance to a family that needs our help. You can make financial donations here that will allow us to deliver some much needed nutritional food for all 5 of these students. Your continued support allows us to reach families like this even during these trying circumstances. Please stay safe and we appreciate you being apart of this amazing community.

Let’s get some KINDNESS cooking today Hoover!! Pots and pans needed to be delivered to Fire Station #7 located at 2020 Valleydale 35244

We need a few pots and pans for a family that lost everything in a fire. Please deliver to Fire Station #7 located at 2020 Valleydale Road 35244.  This  family has been blessed with surviving  a fire but needs some pots and pans urgently.  Let’s help these Hoover friends get cooking please. Deliver any pot, pan or set to the Fire Station and mark the bag with the number 15!  We appreciate you always supporting our friends in need and giving a hand up to our community. THANK YOU 

Snacks Needed for Middle School Kids to Fire Station #6 310 Edna Road

We are looking for individually packaged bulk snacks for middle school students who need extra snacks while at school. Please deliver to Fire Station #6 at 310 Edna Road with the number 8 marked on the bags of snacks.  Thank you in advance! 

Snack time for everyone… especially those who do not have enough at home. Please deliver to Fire Station 2 located at 1591 Patton Chapel Road 35226

Each day there are students who can not participate in snack time and we want to change that. Donate any individual snacks to Fire Station 2 located at 1591 Patton Chapel Road and mark the bag with the number #1. Thanks as always 

Masks needed for young students to be delivered to Fire Station 2 located at Patton Chapel Road 35226

We have a need for some additional disposable masks for the young students. Please donate any amount of masks for our kids to help keep them safe this fall. Thank you Hoover for helping us help the little ones. Please mark the bag with the number 1 and deliver to Fire Station 2 located at Patton Chapel Road 35226

Headphones needed for 4 students who have single parent who is starting a new job after Covid job loss

We would like to purchase 4 pairs of the required headphones that are needed for students. Donate any amount up to $75 and we will have these 4 incredible young students fully prepared for this new school year. Thanks Hoover for HEARING our needs and creating an equal playing field for all our kids.

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