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Opportunities for Kindness

Donations to help send 3 students to summer camp! Donations up to $500 to be made here

We are thankful the YMCA is going to sponsor 3 students to attend summer camp! We are hoping to help this single mom who has been laid off with some additional expenses. All three students are growing like healthy kids and new some new shorts and swimsuits along with a few camp items. Please donate any amount to help make a lifetime of memories for these students who would not have this experience without people like you and the awesome organization YMCA!! We will get the needed items to the family. THANK YOU

Recently Filled Needs

SUMMER SNACKS for Reading Program to be delivered to Fire Station # 2 located at 1591 Patton Chapel Road

This summer we would like to share some snacks with students that will continue working hard to improve their reading skills. Let’s treat them to some individually wrapped snacks that do not have to be refrigerated. Please mark the bag with the number #1. We are always so appreciative of your willingness to help our students. Hope your summer is going well Hoover

Sheets and bedding needed for full and twin beds to be delivered to Fire Station 6 located 310 Edna Road

Sweet single mom needs some boy sheets for their newly acquired bed. The children will now have a wonderful set of bunk beds with a twin and full size bed for the little fellas.  Please print this page and attach to the bag or mark the bag with the number #9 Hoover we appreciate your support and your willingness to always help our students.

Student fees for GRADUATING SENIORS NEEDED FOR TONIGHT! Donate any amount up to $500 to help ALL SENIORS get their diploma TONIGHT!

There are several seniors that were unable to pay for their student fees for graduation. They did the work and are ready to graduate let’s get them across the finish line TONIGHT!  Seniors did the hassle of completing the job let’s give them the tassel TONIGHT!!! Donate any amount up to $500 to make a huge difference in several lives.  We love you class of 2021 and you have showed the community and world what commitment looks like even during a pandemic!  Forever proud of you all.

Food assistance needed for a Hoover family! Please donate any amount up to $250 to help them.

A family of 3 needs some food assistance. We will use Shipt to deliver food to them and you can help here by donating online. Thank you so much Hoover for your kindness and willingness to help! 

Family out of work due to Covid in need of food! Please donate any amount up to $250 to help this family

Mom is unable to work as she is a delivery driver and is out of work due to quarantine. We will use Shipt to deliver food to this family and you can help by donating here online. Thanks Hoover for supporting all of our families.

Please help this sweet child with a basic need! Socks in size 8 men’s needed for an elementary schooler. Drop off at Fire Station 2, 1591 Patton Chapel Rd

Hi Hoover! A small need you can help with will go a long way! Please consider donating a pack of socks for a fifth grade boy.  He has a size 8 mens shoe.

Drop off at Fire Station 2, 1591 Patton Chapel Rd, and mark bag with number 2, or print this page and include with donation. 

Thank you so much for your kindness! 

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