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Opportunities for Kindness

Single mom of 3 students who needs some assistance please donate any amount up to $400

Wonderful family that is in need of some assistance. This mom has switched jobs and they need a little help making ends meet before the new paycheck arrives. They are feeding growing teens home for the summer. If you can help us provide some assistance to this family donate here! Thanks so much 

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Recently Filled Needs

Single mother of three needs help after emergency surgery. Please donate any amount up to $100

Single mother of three children in Hoover had emergency surgery that placed her out of work for 12 weeks.  She did not have sick leave to cover that, and got behind on some bills.  She is back at work and catching up, but she needs some help to get over the financial hump that surgery left her with.  Any help would be appreciated!  

Grocery & Gas Assistance Needed. Please donate any amount up to $100

A single parent of 9th and 11th grade students is in need of groceries and gas to sustain this week. 
Please donate any amount up to $100, and we will give them a gas card and get groceries delivered!

Field Trip Sponsorships Needed! Please donate $20!

Please help six of our fifth grade students go on their end of the year field trip.  The cost is 20.00 each.  Thank you so much for your help!

Third grade field trip assistance needed. Please donate $23

Our third grade students are taking a field trip and four students cannot afford the field trip fee.  Please feel free to help one or more students go on the field trip.  The cost is 23.00 per student.

Field Trip Assistance Needed for Kindergarten Students. Please donate $21

    Please help!  Our kindergarten is going on a field trip to the Birmingham Zoo.  We have 5 students who cannot pay the field trip fee.  The cost is 21.00 per student.  Their families would be forever grateful for the help.  

Elementary Student Needs Glasses. Please donate any amount up to $100

We have an elementary student whose parents do not have the money to cover the cost of their child's glasses. We are requesting money for 2 lenses and frames. The amount we are requesting is $100.

Please donate any amount you can, (even several $10 donations help!) and we will pay the eye doctor for these glasses. 
Thank you!

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About Hoover

Anna Chatterton - Area Director

Anna is a Hoover native and has lived there most of her life. She graduated from Hoover High School and Auburn University. She and her husband have three boys, a dog and three cats. In her spare time, she has a home baking business she enjoys doing, and also has had a job with a Credit Union for the past 15 years. Anna is so happy to be involved with Neighborhood Bridges and can’t wait to continue promoting kindness in the community!

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