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Opportunities for Kindness

Family in need of a place to sit

Local young couple with an empty living room, in need of a couch and love seat.  If you would be willing to donate these items, please click on the "I CAN HELP" button.  If you do not have these items, but would like to purchase them at a significant discount through our relationship with BIG SANDY SUPERSTORES please let us know.  We can provide pick up of these items to deliver to the family in time for a Christmas family gathering

Auto needed for young family

Young couple in Gahanna with a six month old daughter. They both lost their jobs due to the Covid-related economic downturn. Unfortunately both were contract-employees, and thus were not eligible for unemployment. Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church, as well as other individuals and organizations, have been helping them with their various needs, and both are now close to securing employment. However their next pressing concern is a lack of reliable transportation. Their current vehicle is a 2001 Honda CR-V with bald tires and numerous mechanical issues that need addressed. The vehicle is very unreliable and dangerous to drive. We are looking for a more reliable vehicle for them.  If you would be willing to make this tax deductible year end donation, please click on the "I CAN HELP" button

Recently Filled Needs

Single Mom of 3 has Christmas needs

It's not to late to help a family in need this Christmas.  Single Mom of 3 needs last minute help due to financial inability.  Has 15 year old daughter loves drawing and different types of art materials, 10 year old daughter enjoys science and digging materials, and 5 year old boy is into Ryan's world and avenger action boy toys".  If you can help with these needs and you would be willing to donate towards, or gift cards to purchase.  Please click on the "I can Help" button and let us know.  You can also bring these donations to our office at 501 Morrison Road, Suite 205, Gahanna, just let us know ahead when you will be arriving.

Elementary children in need for Christmas

Local family in need of some help to bring Christmas to their children this year due to some difficult economic times.  Can you help with any of the following?

Elementary age girl:


A remote animal of some kind that’s a pet (honestly not sure what that is she has tried to describe it)

Unicorn stuff 

Playing pretend in her kitchen (Looking for a playtime complete set)

She wears a size 8 in clothes and a coat about the same size her shoe size is a 13

Elementary age boy:


Construction vehicles


He wears a size 8 shoe and 3T in clothes 

We also will accept gift cards.  If you can help with any of these items, please let us know by clicking on the "I CAN HELP" button.  Due to the close timing to the holiday we will arrange for pick up of these items, or you can bring them to our offices at 501 Morrison Road, Suite 205, Gahanna, on Thursday, Friday, or Monday or Tuesday.  Let  us know your preference.  Thank you 

Christmas for a special needs child and family

We are looking for items for an 8 year old medically complex girl with down syndrome.

Scarf, gloves and hat (mom says one that tie or Velcro around the chin are best if you have it)

She’s a smaller 8 year old and wears size 6

She likes light up toys and anything “circular” or with “loops”.
Developmental toys are best, anything that can help teach her colors and shapes. 

If you can donate any of these items, please click on the "I CAN HELP" button and let us know how you would like to assist.  Being so close to Christmas we will arrange to pick these items up, or have you drop them off at our offices in Gahanna for best results to get to the family in time for Christmas.

Urgent need to pay utility bills

Urgent need: Family needs bill pay assistance for this month, $100 for AEP and $100 for household utilities - to keep the children connected for their school program and husband works from home and will need the internet access. Mom just started chemo and had to quit her job so things are backing up quickly.

2 beds needed for family

Single Mother with 3 kids; currently unemployed but continues to look for work.  We are looking for a queen bed and a twin bed and the linens for both for this family.  If you would like to donate these items please let us know.  You can also purchase to donate these items through our relationship with Big Sandy Superstore at a significant discount.  To let us know how you can help please click on the "I CAN HELP" button and we will get in contact with you.

4th Annual Gahanna Gift Shop looking for donated gifts for children

We are looking to provide donated gifts to the Gahanna Gift Shop this holiday season to help families in need celebrate Christmas.  

Copy this link into your browser -   


We need GIFTS!! Can you help meet this need?
Because of how many families are in need that could use Christmas gifts for their family, we are looking to get 1,500 gifts collected between Neighborhood Bridges and the partner churches here in Gahanna.

Please consider purchasing one or a few gifts. You can have them shipped to Neighborhood Bridges (Enter this address into Amazon: Neighborhood Bridges, 501 Morrison Road, Suite 205, Gahanna, Ohio 43230) or drop them off at any of our local Fire Stations in the Neighborhood Bridges bins located outside the Fire Station. 

If you would like to help, or make a donation, simply click on the "I CAN HELP" button.  Thank you for helping make this holiday season special for many families here in Gahanna.

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About Gahanna

Ron Smith, Area Directo

Gahanna Bridges will make use of technology and social media to engage the community in helping to identify specific needs in the community – and then will invite community members to help fill those needs. Gahanna Bridges will work in partnership with Gahanna Residents in Need (GRIN) to help identify and refer needy residents and families to GRIN as well as bridge solutions through other Gahanna service providers. Gahanna Bridges will seek engagement of teachers, counselors, administrators in our schools plus clergy, first responders, and mental health agencies to advocate for those in need. Ron Smith has been involved in a number of Gahanna organizations and currently serves on the boards of the Gahanna Chamber of Commerce (as Vice-Chair of Operations/Business Development), the Gahanna Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Gahanna Residents in Need (GRIN). Ron’s company SOH Productions, was named as the Gahanna Small Business of the Year in 2010 and Ron was named Business Person of the Year in 2015. 

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