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Opportunities for Kindness

School Supplies

10 Dry Eraser Fine Tip Black Markers 

 Folders, plastic with pocket- Red, purple, yellow, blue (10 of each color) 

 10 Watercolor washable paint-8 oval set

10 Clear pencil pouches 

10 Scissors-5 inch blunt and pointed

10 Primary journal with draw top and lines on bottom 

10 Papermate pink erasers 

10 Packs of BIC retractable pens 

10 Five star 100 count spiral graph paper notebook 4 X 4 quad 

10 backpacks (colors that could be used for boys or girls) 

15 Refillable water bottles 

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Recently Filled Needs

Student Athlete in need of Help to pay fees

We have a student athlete in a single parent home and the parent cannot afford to pay for the student to play. Asking for help just to cover the cost of the uniform and gear for the student to play. 

Uniform and gear would be $300.00. 

Single Mom of 5 needs help with power bill

Single mom in our community needs help getting power turned back on and getting caught up on power bill

Young mom of two needs help with food and diapers

Young mom (20yrs old) is in need of help with food and diapers for the next two weeks.

children 3 and 9 months

No allergies size 3 diapers

Individually wrapped snacks

Help us provide a snack for those students that may come to school without.  Examples are goldfish crackers, pretzels, granola bars, popcorn, cheese crackers, cheez-its, chex mix, etc...  Thank you!

Size 12 mens sneakers

Elementary age students needs a pair of athletic style footwear. 

Plastic dividers with pockets

Please help our 4th graders stay organized this year!  We are in need of the plastic colored binder dividers with pockets (5 tabs).  We need about 20 packs, but we will take however many you are willing to share. THANK YOU!

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Thank You!

About Chelsea

Anna & Jerry Endico - Area Directors

Anna and Jerry moved to Chelsea from Florida seven years ago and fell in love with the community!  Between four kids in sports and school they are able to coach and be a part of several school organizations. Anna is the PTO President at CPES and Jerry is Treasurer of the CHMS Booster-club.  They look forward to driving impact and kindness to Chelsea students/families in need.

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