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Recently Filled Needs

Corley Student in Need of Glasses

There is a student at Corley Elementary who needs a pair of glasses. The family has no insurance at this time to cover the cost of the exam or the glasses. 

NOTE: This need is being covered by pre-existing financial donations from Neighborhood Bridges Boaz supporters, along with a donation from a community member. Thank you for being kind!

Student in Need of Prom Dress

Prom season is a special time for many high school kids. We recently had a student who wished to attend her prom, but did not have a dress or accessories. Neighborhood Bridges Boaz was able to provide a nice dress for this student, and a generous member of the community provided accessories and hair/makeup. 

NOTE: This need was covered by pre-existing financial donations from Neighborhood Bridges Boaz supporters. Thank you!

Boaz Elementary Family in Need After House Fire

Unfortunately, the family of one of our sweet students lost their home to a house fire over the weekend.  While we anticipate that this family will have other needs to come, these are the most immediate.  Thank you so much in advance for helping this family out!!

-Adult female: Medium shirts, pants size 5 or 6, shoes size 5-6

-Adult male: Medium shirts, shoe size 8-9

-Young girl: Clothing size 4/5

-Student (female): Shoe size 13, clothes size 7/8

-Jackets for all and Walmart gift cards for groceries

BMS in need of student clothing and hygiene products

Middle school is an age where our students are beginning to go through puberty and are going through some changes. With that being said we have had a very large influx of need this school year to provide our students with a change of clothes as needed when soiled. Often it is difficult for a student or myself to reach a parent in real-time for them to immediately bring a change of clothes. BMS has already given out what was purchased by the school for this year. The need is for pants girls size 12 to 18 and womens/juniors size 0-6 and underwear girls size 12-18 and womens/juniors size XS (4), S (5/6), and M (7). 

NOTE: This need is being 100% covered by pre-existing financial donations from Neighborhood Bridges Boaz supporters. Thank you! 

Christmas support for Boaz students in need

Each year, several student families within Boaz City Schools are in need of support during the Christmas holidays. Boaz City school counselors identify these student families which may be new to the community, have had recent changes in their circumstances, or somehow otherwise missed the Christmas Coalition sign-ups. Funds collected for this need will be used by the counselors to make Christmas-related purchases for these students. 

With the economic slowdown from COVID-19, some organizations who may have assisted with these needs in the past have been forced to scale back their support. As a result, there is increasing need and decreasing resources. So, your donation will help ensure Boaz area children have a Merry Christmas and are able to enjoy their time with family before returning to school.

You may donate online or by check payable to "Neighborhood Bridges Boaz" and delivered to the Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce. Please indicate in your response how much you would like to contribute. For your reference, sponsorship of one child is approximately $100. However, every donation will be extremely helpful!

Student in need of vision assistance

An elementary student is in desperate need of corrective eye care. The uninsured family was able to come up with approximately half of the cost of service and supplies, and is in need of assistance with the remaining balance in order for the child to receive the corrective eyewear. This eyewear will allow the student to stop struggling with school work due to vision problems.

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