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Opportunities for Kindness

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Recently Filled Needs

Christmas support for Boaz students in need

Each year, several student families within Boaz City Schools are in need of support during the Christmas holidays. Boaz City school counselors identify these student families which may be new to the community, have had recent changes in their circumstances, or somehow otherwise missed the Christmas Coalition sign-ups. Funds collected for this need will be used by the counselors to make Christmas-related purchases for these students. 

With the economic slowdown from COVID-19, some organizations who may have assisted with these needs in the past have been forced to scale back their support. As a result, there is increasing need and decreasing resources. So, your donation will help ensure Boaz area children have a Merry Christmas and are able to enjoy their time with family before returning to school.

You may donate online or by check payable to "Neighborhood Bridges Boaz" and delivered to the Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce. Please indicate in your response how much you would like to contribute. For your reference, sponsorship of one child is approximately $100. However, every donation will be extremely helpful!

Student in need of vision assistance

An elementary student is in desperate need of corrective eye care. The uninsured family was able to come up with approximately half of the cost of service and supplies, and is in need of assistance with the remaining balance in order for the child to receive the corrective eyewear. This eyewear will allow the student to stop struggling with school work due to vision problems.

Corley Elementary School Clothes Closet

Corley Elementary is in need of the following items for its school clothes closet to help provide students needed clothing for regular wear and for emergencies:

*New Boys athletic/knit pants: Sizes 5-14

      *New Girls athletic/knit pants: Sizes 5-14

      *New Girls knit long sleeve t-shirts: Sizes 5-14

      *New Boys and Girls tennis shoes: Sizes 13-4 

      *New Boys and Girls underwear and socks 

      These items are given to students in need and in emergency situations daily. Clothes closet supplies help keep our students in warm and appropriate clothing, especially as cooler weather approaches. It is very helpful for the school to have these clothing items on-hand for daily needs that arise. 

      You may purchase these items to donate and deliver them at the Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce during business hours or your may donate funds to be used to purchase these items. You will receive donation instructions by email once you respond. 

      Neighborhood Bridges Boaz asks that you please donate new clothing. Please let us know in your response which items you intend to donate, and how many of each item, or if you are donating funds please indicate the amount in your response. 

      Thank you in advance for your support and help! 

      Boaz Elementary Student Family in Immediate Need After House Fire

      The family of a Boaz Elementary student is in immediate need after a house fire this week. The five family members are out of the home and safe, but they are needing your help in recovery. New clothing and food are the greatest needs. Please consider donating new (unused) clothes or Walmart/Piggly Wiggly gift cards so the family can buy needed groceries and supplies. Thank you so much for helping this sweet family during this tough time! 

      Please indicate in your response how much of each item (or the dollar amount) you plan to donate. 

      SIZES (new clothes only, please):

      Child (girl): Tops size 6 and 6x, pants size 7, shoes kids 12-13, underwear size 6-8. She loves anything princess, unicorns, and rainbows. She also loves coloring books and princess Barbie's.

      Mom: Shirts size L and XL, pants size 12-14, shoes size 10.

      Dad: Shirts size L and XL, pants waist size 34Wx32L (or L/XL), shoes and socks size 10.

      Aunt: Shirts size M and L, pants size 6, shoes are a kids 4.

      Uncle: Shirts size XL, pants size 34Wx32L (or L/XL), shoes and socks size 10.

      Corley Elementary student family in need of food

      A student at Corley Elementary School is in need of food assistance. The student has younger siblings, with a total of eight residing in the home. Any donations of new shelf-steady breakfast, dinner, or snack items and any drinks such as water or juice would be greatly appreciated. Examples include: sandwich bread, sandwich meat, lunchables, canned chili, apples, potatoes, apple juice, bottled water, etc. 

      Please indicate in your response what type of items you intend to donate and how much. If you are donating financially, please let us know how much, and we can purchase the needed items on your behalf. 

      BHS Student/single mother in need of assistance

      Female high school student who is a single mother and provides much of her own support for her and child has recently become unemployed and needs some assistance until she can find a new job. Items needed are size 5 diapers and wipes. Snacks to send with the child each day while at the babysitter (fruit cups, Jello cups, Danimals, Gansitos, juice boxes). Fall/winter clothing for a boy sizes 18mo - 2 yrs and size 6 shoes. Gas card (Chevron gift card that can be purchased at Y-mart in Boaz). This student would never ask for anything, but works hard to stay in school and appreciates any help she receives. 

      Please indicate in your response what specific items you intend to contribute, and how many of each. If you plan to donate funds, please indicate the amount you'd like to contribute. 

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