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White Polo style shirts - site 21

Men’s or women’s white polo style shirts.

Backpacks - Site 20

In need of sturdy backpacks for middle school boys and girls. 

Winter Clothing - Site 20

7th grade boy needs some warm clothes, please!  

Shoes sized 7 in men, shirts sized adult large, pants sized 32 X 32, and socks and underwear.

Change of Clothes for Elementary Students - Site 16

Students frequently have accidents while at school. We are in need of spare underwear and leggings/athletic shorts to have on hand for students needing to change clothes while at school.

Brown or Black Belts - Site 21

Any brown or black belts, all sizes

Teenage Boy Clothes - Site 14

A teenage boy is in need of:

Medium Size Shirts

Medium Size Jacket or Coat

Pants Size 30 X 30

Men Large Socks 

Teen Boy Needs Clothing - Site 14

Teenage boy is in need of clothes/shoes/towels. He wears a Large in a Coat, Pants Size 32 X 32, Medium in Long Sleeve Shirts, Size 10 in Shoes (Sneakers), Large Socks, Medium in Underwear. He also needs bath towels and hand towels. Thanks!

Men's and Boy's White Dress Shirts - Site 21

Men's and boy's white button up dress shirts all sizes

School Uniforms - Site 21

School uniforms - male white button-down shirt (all sizes for middle and high schools - mostly size adult 16 and 16.5)

khaki pants for males and females - all sizes; middle and high school students

Recently Filled Needs

Healthy Snacks- site #13

More times than we realize, students come to school hungry.  I always try and have a stash of healthy snacks, so that students are able to focus on their learning, instead of their rumbling stomachs.  Our school needs individualized snacks, in case a child needs one during the day.  Some examples include: pretzels, goldfish, cheese crackers, etc.  

White Polo Style Shirts - Site 21

Men’s or women’s white polo style shirts. 

Boy in need of winter clothes - Site 12

Male student in need of winter clothes. Student's shirt size is 14 and his pant size is 16.

Prescription eyeglasses - Site 20

Need prescription eyeglasses for male student in the 7th grade.  

Backpacks - Site 20

In need of sturdy backpacks for middle school boys and girls.

Winter Clothing - Site 20

7th grade boy  School

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