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Belts for Elementary Students & Pull Up Pants Needed for School Clothes Closet - Site 15

We have a need for belts for students whose pants are too big. We also have students who have accidents daily, so we go through pants frequently. We would love to have gently used pull on pants or non-see through leggings for students who have accidents at school. Thank you for any help you may be able to give. We serve students from Pre-K to 5th grade.

Little girl needs winter clothes please - Site 12

This family is in need of winter clothes for female student size 7/8 clothes, size 10 coat, and size 3 shoes.

Female in need of winter clothes - Site 12

This family is in need of winter clothes for female student size 10 clothes, size 10 coat, and size 3 shoes.

Change of Clothes for Elementary Students - Site 16

Students frequently have accidents while at school. We are in need of spare underwear and leggings/athletic shorts to have on hand for students needing to change clothes while at school.

Teenage Boy Clothes - Site 14

A teenage boy is in need of:

Medium Size Shirts

Medium Size Jacket or Coat

Pants Size 30 X 30

Men Large Socks 

Boys sweatpants (Youth M, L, XL, adult) - Site 4

Many of our boys are in need of a change of clothes once on campus, but we do not have the necessary items to assist them. 

Teen Boy Needs Clothing - Site 14

Teenage boy is in need of clothes/shoes/towels. He wears a Large in a Coat, Pants Size 32 X 32, Medium in Long Sleeve Shirts, Size 10 in Shoes (Sneakers), Large Socks, Medium in Underwear. He also needs bath towels and hand towels. Thanks!

Men's and Boy's White Dress Shirts - Site 21

Men's and boy's white button up dress shirts all sizes

White Polo Style Shirts - Site 21

Men's or Women's white polo style shirts

Brown or Black belts- Site 21

Any brown or black belts, all sizes

School Uniforms - Site 21

School uniforms - male white button-down shirt (all sizes for middle and high schools - mostly size adult 16 and 16.5)

khaki pants for males and females - all sizes; middle and high school students

Recently Filled Needs

Family in need of fall/winter clothing for two female children-Site 15

Family needs assistance with fall and winter clothing for two children. One female child needs a girls size 14-16 (pants and shirts) and tennis shoes size 6 (ladies). The other female needs girls clothes size 5T (pants and shirts) and tennis shoes size 11 (child). Both also need a coat. 

Teenage Girl Needs Clothes! - Site 14

Teenage Girl is in need of clothes and shoes. She wears Junior Sizes. 

Shoe (Sneakers) Size 5 or 6, Socks Size (Small) Coat Size Small or Medium, Long Sleeve Shirts Size (Small), Pants Size (0-2 or Small), Bra Size 32, Underwears Size (Small), Dresses Size (Small)

Boys size 6/8 Underwear- site 13

Accidents happen, as we all know.  At our school, students come to the school counselor when they have had a bathroom accidents, something spills on their shirt, they get mud on their clothes, etc.  I need a few packs of boys size 6/8 underwear, so I am prepared for when those accidents occur.

Family Home Hygiene, Household, and Cleaning Supplies - Site 14

Family of 4 is in need of various household, hygiene, and cleaning supplies. 

Bath Towels, Hand Towels, Toilet Paper, Dish Detergent, Soap, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Feminine Pads, Paper Towels, and Washing Powder.

Thank you!

Homeless Teen Mom in Need of Assistance - Site 14

Homeless Mother of two teens is in need of items: 

(SOCKS) Socks for teenage girl - Size 10; Socks for teenage boy - Size 10

(UNDERWEAR) Panties for teenage girl - Size 8; Underwear/Briefs for teenage boy - Size Large 

(COATS) for Teenage Girl Size 2X; Coat for Teenage Boy Size XL

CLEANING SUPPLIES - Dish liquid, Soap, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Washing Powder, Dryer Sheets, Lysol Spray/Bleach, Cleaning Sponges 


Site 7- Girl's winter coat

Sweet little girl is in need of a winter coat. She wears a size 7/8.

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