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Opportunities for Kindness

Size 10/12 or 14/16 Boy White Button Up Shirt, Size 16 Long Khaki Pants, and Size 7 Dress Shoe

In need of a Size 10/12 or 14/16 Boy White Button Up Shirt, Size 16 Long Khaki Pants, and Size 7 Dress Shoe (Black or Brown) for a male student. 

Size 8 Women's Black or Brown Dress Shoe

In need of Size 8 Women's Black or Brown Dress Shoe for a student. Site 18

Adult Diapers--Site 21

We currently have a student in need of adult diapers, size small. These diapers are essential for ensuring their comfort and well-being during their time at school. However, our current supply is running low, and we are seeking assistance in obtaining a couple of packs to meet the student's needs.

White Button Down Shirts

All sizes needed XS-XL

Site 18

Juniors/Women Khaki Pants (ANY SIZES)- SITE 18

We have a clothes closet for situations where a student doesn't have the appropriate attire or in case of any accidents. Lately, we've been in need of juniors/women khaki pants. These donations will be put in our clothes closet for those in need of appropriate bottoms. 

Black Coats - NO HOOD

Gently used men's black Coats needed without hoods in all sizes. Site 18

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Recently Filled Needs

Site 18 - Panties Needed

Ladies panties needed in all sizes

Women's Small Underwear Site 3

The social worker at this site has expressed an overwhelming need for ladies size small underwear. She has all other sizes, but this is the most requested so she currently does not have any to provide to students who come to her in need. We appreciate your help!

Site 7: Clothing & shoes request for Elementary students in need (Sisters)

Elementary students (females) in need of new clothing, underwear and hygiene products for sensitive skin.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Girl 1 Shirt size: 8/10

Girl 1 Pants size: 8/10

Girl 1 Shoes:2Y

Girl 2 Shirt size: 10/12

Girl 2 Pants size: 10/12

Girl 2 shoes:3Y

Hygiene products needed: Dove soap (sensitive skin),Dove lotion, Dove Deodorant

Hygiene Items and Underwear for Teen Girl

A high school teen is in need of Body Wash, Baby Powder and Deodorant to help her stay clean and fresh during these hot Spring Months. The student and her parent cannot afford to purchase these hygiene items at the this time due to financial difficulty. The teen is also in need of underwear in a Size 3X. Any help with these items will be greatly appreciated by the student and her parent. Site 14

Items Requested/Needed:

Body Wash - for girl

Baby Powder

Deodorant - for girl

Women Underwear - Size 3X (cotton material)

Panties/Underwear--Site 9

We have students at our school who occasionally experience accidents and are in need of clean underwear and panties to ensure their comfort and dignity during the school day. We are in need of all sizes.

Gift card--Site 21

We are requesting a $100 gift card to aid a family in purchasing groceries and other necessities, alleviating some of the financial burden they are currently facing due to unforeseen medical problem.

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