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Opportunities for Kindness

Support for Hospitalized Pregnant Teen

A pregnant teen, her baby, and the involved custodian need community support in the form of Uber/Lyft or gas gift cards.

The family is in crisis as a teen mother went into premature labor at 29 weeks. The situation is complicated, but to receive the care needed the teen has been admitted to a hospital that is over 60 miles roundtrip from their home. She is expected to be hospitalized for an extended period. The custodian does not have a car and only limited personal and financial resources for support. The family would be very thankful for any assistance the community could provide in meeting this need.

A trip to visit the hospital using a ride app is approximately $50 round trip but could be more depending upon time of day/availability of drivers. Using national averages, a gas card reimbursement for assistance getting to the hospital would be approximately $30. Could we work together to provide them with 2 weeks of trips for visits to the hospital? This would be $500 in Uber/Lyft gift cards or $300 in gas gift cards.

Thank you very much for considering a donation to support this struggling family.

Recently Filled Needs

Electric Dryer for Lakota Family

Family in need of an electric dyer, current one broke, was unable to fix it.  They do not have the financial means to get another one, used or new.

Christmas tree

A Lakota family would like to display a Christmas tree in their home to celebrate the holiday season. A 6 ft. tree would fit in their home, and a new or gently used tree is welcome. Pick up could be arranged after 11/29, if needed. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Stationary bike for Lakota family

A Lakota family is looking for a stationary bike.  The family has three boys, all dealing with a lot of energy as well as a lot of stress.  One of the boys teachers gave mom the suggestion of having a stationary bike at home to provide a needed healthy outlet for the boys instead of constantly getting in trouble.  Mom is desperate for new tools and strategies to help with the boys but does not have the resources to purchase a bike.  Mom said she would use it to as a means to reduce her stress level in a healthy way.  This would make a big difference in the families lives.  Any help is appreciated!

Bike Helmets for children aged 5-8

10 bike helmets needed for students that have bicycles but no helmet to wear while riding their bike.  Thank you for helping children be safe while riding their bikes.

Clothing Washer Needed

Family of 6 in need of a washing machine.  The family was using a donated washing machine but it recently broke beyond repair.  Family is currently going to laundromat until they are able to get another washing machine.  If you have a washing machine to donate in good condition, please consider donating it to this family.  

Holiday Support

One of our community partners is in need for holiday help. Reach Out Lakota‚Äôs Annual Holiday Gift Program is seeking donors wanting to spread joy through toys! This program expects to serve 800 children in the Lakota district by providing them with a new toy for the holidays. Sign up or learn more at https://reachoutlakota.org/events/holiday-giving-program.html

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