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Opportunities for Kindness

Family Battling Stage 3 Cancer Needs Financial Support

One of our Lakota families needs your help! The family is experiencing the recent trauma of Dad's stage 3 small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma diagnosis. The cancer is metastatic and has spread to his liver and lungs. Prior to the cancer diagnosis Dad was the sole income earner in the family. Due to the chemo ravaging his body, he is now unable to report to work and has exhausted PTO and vacation days, which currently means the family is without income. 

This Lakota family has 2 children in their home: a high school daughter and a 19 year old son diagnosed with autism, eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), and other medical disabilities, which are quite costly. The EoE requires surgery every 1-2 years to widen his esophagus and repair damage. Mom has needed to be a stay at home mom to care for their autistic son, but in light of current circumstances she is currently looking for 3rd shift employment opportunities that would allow her to continue to supervise their adult son and care for her husband, driving him to the Barrett Center for chemo treatments as well as to his other medical appointments.

This family has always been able to provide for themselves without the support of any government program or community organization. They have worked diligently to budget wisely while they are without Dad's monthly income. They are extremely humbled in asking the Lakota community for support because they are used to being the ones to offer help to others in need. Mom has even crocheted hats and scarves to donate to Reach Out Lakota while she's been waiting during her husband's chemo treatments!

This Lakota family is most concerned about their basic bills that provide for their shelter and food, stating they "can do without all the extras". Our goal is to provide $6000, which would cover basic need expenses (mortgage, utilities, medical expenses) for 2 months. Any additional funds raised will be given to the family to provide further coverage. Support through Neighborhood Bridges would lessen the financial burden weighing the family down, in addition to the emotional weight of the cancer battle they are all carrying. This freedom would allow the adult son, who struggles with transitions due to autism, and the high school daughter, who is in the middle of her junior year, to stay in their childhood home and not be forced to move while they are under so much other stress.

Despite the stage 3 diagnosis and being told by doctors that Dad has 9-15 months, he remains determined and optimistic. He has a strong desire to provide for his family saying, "I'm going to go back to work as soon as the chemo lets me stand upright for more than 10 minutes!" The support of the Lakota Community would be life changing for this family!

Household Items Needed for Lakota Families

Several Schools are in need of the following items to give families upon need.  

Laundry Detergent/dryer sheets

Cleaning Supplies (Clorox wipes, Lysol cleaners, etc.)

Womens deodorant

Hand Soap


Lice Kits

Hair Care Items: Brushes, detangler, hair ties, head bands

Air Matress

Needing a full/queen air mattress for a student sleeping on the floor.

Mattresses Needed

Lakota family experiencing homelessness is in need of 4 twin mattresses for their new home.  

Snacks needed for Lakota resource pantries

Many elementary students who are unable to bring a snack to school utilize the snacks in the school resource pantry. We are a few months into the school year and supplies are running low. We need snacks such as granola bars, fruit snacks, cookies, goldfish, chips, apple sauce pouches, etc.. ***please no nut, peanut butter or perishable items. Thank you!

Lice Treatment Kits Needed

We often struggle with children and lice at school. Organizations will help in a kit to support a student, but the family will need kits and follow the protocols to eliminate them from the home. We were able to provide students with one lice kit, however, there are multiple people in the home who also need to be treated to prevent the lice from spreading or coming back. We are in need of several kits to help support students and families to avoid loss of learning.

Beyond Band-Aids

We LOVE our school nurses and would love for you to help us support them by donating to our

BEYOND BAND-AIDS school supply drive for all of the nurses in the Lakota School district.

Our school nurses go above and "BEYOND BANDAIDS" for all of our students and we want to show them how much we appreciate all they do.


Most needed items:


-New or gently used black leggings –all sizes youth and adults

-New or gently used athletic pants or shorts- all sizes youth and adults

-New or gently used t shirts/sweatshirts- all sizes youth and adults

-New underwear-all sizes

-Lip Balm

-Feminine hygiene products

-Snack items-goldfish, crackers, granola bars etc

-Peppermints-Lifesavers etc

-Baby Wipes

-socks-all sizes children and adults

-small bathroom cups

Donations can be dropped off at any of our 4 donation sites:

     West Chester Fire Department Station 72

         7715 John Cox Rd

         West Chester, Oh 45069

    • West Chester Fire Department Station 74
      8551 Beckett Rd
      West Chester, OH 45069

    • Liberty Township Fire Department 112

         7655 Princeton RD

         Liberty Twp., OH 45044

         Lakota Local Schools Central Office

           5572 Princeton Rd

           Liberty Twp., OH 45011

      Monetary donations also accepted to purchase items off of the list.

      Thank you for supporting our school nurses!

      Children in Need of Diapers

      Several families are in need of assistance with additional diapers for their children. Toilet training is not always a developmental possibility for some children before entering school and supporting them in the school environment with dignity and discretion is critical. Diaper sizes that are needed are size 7 Pampers Daytime or Adult small diapers/pull ups. Thank you for helping to meet this need for the children.

      Lakota families in need of gas cards for transportation to and from school

      One of most challenging obstacles for some Lakota families in need is simply getting their children to and from school when bussing is not an option. When is bussing not an option? When a child is sick and needs to be picked up from school, when a child misses the bus, when the bus is late or unable to make their route and for those students in 10-12 grade bussing is simply not available. With high gas prices compounded by parents missing work/wages to get their kids to/from school, one of the biggest needs are $20-$25 dollar gas cards to assist families when situations arise.

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      Recently Filled Needs

      Baby Crib

      Looking for a baby crib to help provided a safe place for baby to sleep. 

      Mom of four needs a desk for new job working from home.

      Single mom with four children lost her job over the summer, and she just completed her orientation and training for a new job.  She will be set to work from home starting this week and needs a desk to work from.

      twin sized bunk bed

      Single mom with four children recently moved into her own place. Mom was able to get twin mattresses for elementary aged children but is looking for a twin bunk bed to get the mattress off the floor in their small room.

      twin sized bunk bed

      Single mom with four children recently moved into her own place.  Mom was able to get twin mattresses for elementary aged children but is looking for a twin bunk bed to get the mattress off the floor in their small room.

      Bed Frame

      Seeking a metal bed frame, adjustable full size. 

      Gas Gift Cards

      Several families are struggling with higher gas prices to get to work and get their kids to high school.

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