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Opportunities for Kindness

Our weighted blankets were a real hit! Could we get one more?

We have one more classroom that would love a washable weighted blanket.  

Headphones for school

This isn't the year to share and we have lots of kiddos needing headphones at school. This is what we are looking for... and there's a $3 coupon. :) 


Family experiencing homelessness (#1106A)

We need new or gently used clothing to help this family! Please go to sign up genius link to sign up for clothing items.

 (4) long-sleeved shirts IN STRETCHY FABRIC ONLY and (2) hoodies that zip all the way down - women small or junior large; 

(1 pack)bikini style underwear (new only) Women size 5; 

Hanes (two pack) Junior medium or large (size 38) wire-free bras

Womens beanie hat with fuzzy ball top

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Heats on and lips are dry. Can you spare a chapstick or two? If you wanna go big, check out the bulk Chapsticks. :) As always, thank you.


Feel free to drop items at our usual donation sites (Landen YMCA or Kings Pointe Church on 48) OR Send items to:

CIS/Nurse Frecker - 8263 Columbia Road - Mason, OH 45034

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Cases of water - all size bottles

With no water fountains available, sometimes kiddos forget their water bottle and need one for the day. We would love to have them ready in the nurse's office. 

Feel free to drop items at our usual donation sites (Landen YMCA or Kings Pointe Church on 48) OR Send items to:

CIS/Nurse Frecker - 8263 Columbia Road - Mason, OH 45034

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KingsUKnights needs help

KingsUKnights provides gifts for the holidays for families in need in the Kings School District. If you want to be a sponsor or donate $, sign up at kingsuknights.com/p.aspx

Washable Weighted Blankets

We were asked for some washable weighted blankets for some special needs family members. Below is a link for reference, but any kind would be appreciated and loved. Thank you.


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Washable Bean Bags - Child Size (4)

We were asked for child-sized bean bags - can you help? The washable or easily wiped down kind are the best. The link below is a suggestion, but any would do - we appreciate your donation.


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Disposable Face Masks - Child Size

Let's keep kiddos safe and in school. We have an elementary school counselor requesting lots of child-sized disposable masks, like the ones in the link below, but they can be any style/color/variety you wish. 


If you are sending them from an online vendor, let them know this is from their Neighborhood Bridges wishlist, and please send directly to:

J.F. Burns Elementary School

C/O Emily Sander

8471 Columbia Road

Maineville, OH 45039

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Thank you! 


LifeSaver Mints (blue or green package). Lots of kiddos visit our school nurses daily and a mint or two, and a big hug, can make them feel a lot better and get them back to learning. Please consider grabbing a package on your next shopping trip. 


Target, Walmart, Meijer or Kroger Gift Card

Any denomination. They will help us shop when an urgent need arises. 


Recently Filled Needs

Anyone have an extra microwave?

It's officially cold out and families appreciate being able to have hot food or drinks quickly.  We have a need for a new or very gently used (ie: clean and in good working order) microwave. I know I don't make it a single day without using mine!  It can be taken to either of our drop-off locations as normal - or pick-up can be arranged for your convenience due to its larger size.

Refillable Water Bottles Needed

Covid has shut down the water fountains and we have thirsty kiddos. We are looking for refillable water bottles for kiddos. If you have some (clean and shiny) in new or pretty new shape we would love to take them off your hands. :) 

Feel free to drop items at our usual donation sites (Landen YMCA or Kings Pointe Church on 48) OR Send items to:

CIS/Nurse Frecker - 8263 Columbia Road - Mason, OH 45034

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Granola Bars, Individually wrapped goldfish crackers, individual cereal cups

We have some hungry kiddos in need of snacks during school hours. A school nurse asked for granola bars, individually wrapped goldfish (or similar) crackers, and individual cereal cups. We aren't picky so send what you find, but here are some links if this is easier to do. THANK YOU!!!! 

Feel free to drop items at our usual donation sites (Landen YMCA or Kings Pointe Church on 48) OR Send items to:

CIS/Nurse Frecker - 8263 Columbia Road - Mason, OH 45034

Granola Bars:https://www.walmart.com/ip/Gre...

Individual Cereal Cups: https://www.samsclub.com/p/kel...

Goldfish Snack Crackers: https://www.macys.com/shop/pro...

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Let's get cookin! (#1008A)

We have a family in need of a new larger size crock pot.  


Ohio winters demand a good winter coat! (#1002D)

In search of one girls (size 14) winter coat - preferably purple and "puffy"

Replenish the basics (#1002C)

Large family in need of the basics:

Two packs of men's crew socks

Two packs of women's crew socks

Two packs of men's medium boxer briefs

Two packs of women's XS bikini style underwear 

+6 more
Thank You!

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