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Sylvania Community First in Northwest Ohio to Launch Neighborhood Bridges

WESTERVILLE, Ohio, December 10, 2021—Neighborhood bridges, a nonprofit organization that champions direct local giving to drive impact to students/families in need, today announced the launch of its 37th “Gateway for Kindness” to serve the school community of Sylvania, Ohio.

The Sylvania school system serves nearly 7,800 students. It operates seven elementary schools, three junior high schools and two high schools. As a community resource, neighborhood bridges Sylvania will aid school counselors, teachers, social workers and administrators in meeting essential needs for at-risk and underprivileged students, and their families.

“I am thrilled that Sylvania Schools is able to be an integral partner in this network of support. We will certainly have students and families who are positively impacted by the efforts of this organization and supporting community members,” said Dr. Veronica Motley, superintendent, Sylvania Schools.

Neighborhood bridges drives direct support and care by inviting professionals at schools, mental health agencies, churches and other service organizations to advocate for those in need. Advocates post needs via a secure portal that maintains recipient anonymity. Neighborhood bridges then shares those needs with subscribers and followers through daily emails and social media posts—engaging community members to fulfill them. Typical needs include food, clothing, shoes, coats, eye exams, school supplies, school fees, furniture, household items, and monetary donations for household expenses.

“Within the communities we serve, our ‘Gateway for Kindness’ connects those in need with those who can help. We are excited to expand our reach into Toledo by adding Sylvania to that list,” said Rick Bannister, CEO, neighborhood bridges. “In preparing for this launch, the efforts of local school and community leaders demonstrate that kindness has momentum. Our partnership will direct impact to local students and families in need in the spirit of neighbors helping neighbors.”

Dolli Darah and Karen S. Smith will serve as co area directors for neighborhood bridges Sylvania. As with all affiliated communities, 100 percent of donations to neighborhood bridges Sylvania will be used locally to help students and families in need in Sylvania[r1] .

Community members and businesses can follow needs in the community by subscribing to neighborhood bridges Sylvania and following on social media channels:

Facebook: facebook.com/nbSylvania

Instagram: @sylvaniab

For more information about neighborhood bridges Sylvania, or information on Kindness Council sponsorship opportunities, email [email protected]

About neighborhood bridges

A 501(c)(3) organization, neighborhood bridges’ mission is to bridge communities with schools in providing basic needs, removing barriers, and seeking equity for students so they can engage and succeed in school and life. The organization has driven direct support and care to more than 218,000 students and families through over $3.5 million in giving since its founding in 2017.

Neighborhood bridges is headquartered in Westerville, Ohio, and operates its “Gateway for Kindness” in 37 communities throughout Ohio and Alabama.

For more information, vision neighborhoodbridges.org.

[r1]Karen and Dolli -- can you add the other organizations who are a part of the steering committee here?

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