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The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama

We invite you to review and fill any open need from Tuscaloosa City and/or Tuscaloosa County Schools.

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Opportunities for Kindness

There are currently no open opportunities for kindness available in Tuscaloosa City. Check back later, or join the mailing list to get updates directly to your inbox.

Clothing needed

Family lost house to fire; clothes and shoes for 3 school-age children are greatest needs.  Gift cards to Walmart for 3 children's clothing would be most helpful to family at this time. 

School Code HC-01

Girls in need or gently used leggings

In need of Girls leggings to keep in counselors office for when young ladies need a pair to change.

Please label items 7-07

3rd Grade Boys in need of pants

In need of boys athletic shorts/pants. 3-6 pairs preferred, but we can always use more that that!  Size 10/12.

Please mark items T07

Pants and Shorts for Boys

Please help! We need pants or shorts for boys in sizes 7/8 or 10/12. We are currently out and we have many more weeks of school left.  

Please label items H-02.

Boys athletic pants needed

We need boys athletic pants for students that need new pants due to pants that are too small, have holes in them, and/or accidents.

We have several students each month that need new pants because they have outgrown their pants and their families are unable to purchase them pants. We have students that come to school with holes in their pants or their pants rip during the school day. We also have students that have accidents at school and need a change of clothes.

We have a clothes closet that we keep clothing in for these reasons and we are very low on boys athletic pants. We need the following sizes: boys small (6-7), boys medium (8-10), and boys large (12-14). We need neutral colors (black, gray).

Thank you so much for your help!

Please label items T-04

Boys Black or Gray Sweatpants/Joggers All Sizes (5-14)

Please label your donation Neighborhood Bridges with school code HC-06

Boys Basketball Shorts

We need 5 pairs of each size. Basketball shorts for boys, sizes: 4, 6-8, 10-12, 14-16, 18-20.

Please label your donation Neighborhood Bridges/Location Code T-06.

Girls Pants

We need 5 pairs of each size. Leggins or basketball shorts for girls, sizes: 4, 6-8, 10-12, 14-16, 18-20.

Please label your donation Neighborhood Bridges/Location Code T-06.

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