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The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama

We invite you to review and fill any open need from Tuscaloosa City and/or Tuscaloosa County Schools.

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Opportunities for Kindness

Girl pants (joggers, shorts, leggings) Small-3x and Socks Site 3

There has been an increasing need for young girls needing changes of pants quickly while at school and this would allow us to have some on hand when the need arises. We also are in need of socks. 

Adult Diapers--Site 21

We currently have a student in need of adult diapers, size small. These diapers are essential for ensuring their comfort and well-being during their time at school. However, our current supply is running low, and we are seeking assistance in obtaining a couple of packs to meet the student's needs.

White Button Down Shirts

All sizes needed XS-XL

Site 18

Juniors/Women Khaki Pants (ANY SIZES)- SITE 18

We have a clothes closet for situations where a student doesn't have the appropriate attire or in case of any accidents. Lately, we've been in need of juniors/women khaki pants. These donations will be put in our clothes closet for those in need of appropriate bottoms. 

Black Coats - NO HOOD

Gently used men's black Coats needed without hoods in all sizes. Site 18

There are currently no open opportunities for kindness available in Tuscaloosa County. Check back later, or join the mailing list to get updates directly to your inbox.
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