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The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama

We invite you to review and fill any open need from Tuscaloosa City and/or Tuscaloosa County Schools.

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Kindergarten Field Trip to Zoo Site 2

Site 2

Please consider sponsoring the field trip cost for 2 brothers to attend the zoo with their kindergarten peers.  The cost is $18 each for a total of $36.  We would love for them to be able to experience this with their class.  The cost is needed asap as the trip is coming up next week.

Site 18 Girls' khaki pants

We need girls' and women's khaki pants in the following sizes:

Girls: 14, 16

Womens: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14

Underwear (site 6)

Students often times have accidents, and they come to the counselor for a change of underwear. 

Items needed:

size 8 underwear (girls and boys)

size 10 underwear (girls and boys)

Site 6

Feminine hygiene supplies - Site 18

Feminines hygiene supplies - all sizes and all types (pads and tampons).  Plus flushable wipes. Site 18

Clothes/Shoes Needed for High School Teens

Children grow so fast. A parent is in need of help with clothes for her teenage students. This family is homeless and the parent is having difficulty purchasing clothes and shoes for her children at this time. The parent will be grateful for any assistance for her growing teens. Site 14

Teenage High School Girl Needs:

Shirts - Women Size Medium

Pants -  Women Size 10-12

Shoes - 9 1/2 Women Size

Teenage High School Boy Needs:

Shirts -  Men Size Medium

Pants - Men Size 34 X 32

Shoes - Men Size 12

Falcon ACT Madness Challenge /GIFT CARDS for High School Students

  1. We at CHS are requesting a total of twenty (20) $25 Visa Gift Cards to offer as rewards for 11th grade students who successfully complete their online ACT Prep work as we prepare for the ACT on April 11th. We will review the completion and participation data for each of the juniors every other week beginning January 9th through March 31st. All 11th graders have an opportunity to participate. Every other week for six weeks, the top twenty (20) students who successfully engage and complete the ACT Prep modules weekly will be presented with a gift card. We will take photos of these students and celebrate their achievements among their peers.

     A donation of gift cards will be greatly appreciated by Central High School, as we encourage students to successfully complete their online ACT Prep work. Thank         you in advance for any donation that you may be able to give to support CHS students as they participate in the Falcon ACT Madness Challenge. 

Clothing & shoes request for Elementary student in need (Site #4)

Clothing and shoes needed for male Elementary school student due to financial insecurities in the home. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

(Gift cards are also welcomed.)

Clothing size: 10/12 (medium kids)

Shoe size: 13/13.5 Kids

Clothing & shoes request for female Elementary student in need (Site #4)

Clothing and shoes needed for female Elementary school student due to financial insecurities in the home. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

(Gift cards are also welcomed.)

Clothing size: 5/6 or 7 Slim Kids

Shoe size: 10/10.5 Kids

Teen Girl in Need of Winter Clothes

A single parent is in desperate need of winter clothes for her high school teen. The parent is experiencing financial difficulty and can not afford to purchase her daughter clothes at this time. Any assistance or help will be greatly appreciated by this family. Site 14

Items Needed: 

Long sleeve shirts - Size SMALL- Misses/Women Size

Pants/Jeans - Size 2 Misses/Women Size

Coat - Size SMALL Misses/Women Size

Shoes - Size 6.5 BOY SHOES (this girl wears boy shoes) 

Boys Clothing

Pants Size- 12-14 

Shirt size- 12-14

Underwear- Medium

Shoe Size- size 8

Site Number 17

Female Student in Need of Clothing:

Pants Size- 12-14

Shirt size- 12-14

Underwear- Medium

Shoe Size- size 8

Site Number 17

Girls - 16-18 pants

Girls- Large shirt

Underpants- size 7

Snacks for Students

We need roughly 50 individual packs of goldfish crackers for students who forget to bring a snack. Please label your donation Neighborhood Bridges/ B-03

Student in need of clothing

Neighborhood Bridges/HC-06

We have a male student at our school in need of clothing. 

He wears a size 7 and needs the following:





Variety of clothing needed for students

Our school is in need of clothes that students can change into when needed. 

Boys clothing:

Shorts, pants, underwear and t-shirts. Sizes ranging from XS to Medium. 

Girls clothing:

Shorts, pants, underwear and t-shirts. Sizes ranging from XS to Medium. 

Thank you for your help and support!

Please label your donation with the code HC-06.

School in need of showering supplies for students with hygiene needs

Neighborhood Bridges/HC-06

Our school has a shower, but does not have many of the supplies to make it accessible for students with needs. We need the following items:

Shower curtain

Curtain hooks

Curtain rod

Bath mats (2)

Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash

A set of towels

A set of washcloths

Field Trip Costs for Family

Two field trip sponsorships needed for family members

Both due on March 31st - would like to receive by 29th in order to process. One field trip is $12.00, the other field trip is $25.00

NB code N-03

Family needing help with power bill


Our school has a family in need of assistance with their power bill. They are in the process of finding supports to be able to pay their bill consistently, however they need help this month. The total amount of the bill is $532.24. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Field Trip Donation for 5th Grade Students

H-02-We are looking for sponsors for 5 students

Field Trip Donation Needed

Our 4th graders are taking a field trip to Montgomery to visit the Alabama State House and the Governor's Mansion. The cost of the field trip is $97. 

We have some students that need help paying for the field trip. 

Any and all monetary donations would be greatly appreciated to help send these amazing students on this incredible field trip.

Please list T-04 as the school.

Thank you :)


12th grader needs money for fees. Mother has stage 4 cancer.

Student lives with mother. Mother has stage 4 cancer and is unable to work b/c she's in the hospital. Student owes school $75 and owes Jostens (graduation supplies) $350. In total, he needs $425. 

Neighborhood Bridges/Location Code: HC-01

Feminine pads for middle school girl students

A variety of feminine pads are needed for middle school girl students.  Please no panty liners.




Boys size 7 tennis shoes

We have a 3rd grade boy who needs a new pair of tennis shoes. He wears a mens size 7 and will be happy with any color/brand but likes black, red, grey Nike or Adidas. Here is a link if needed Shoe Link 

Neighborhood Bridges/ HC-05

Jeans for 5th grade boy

We have a 5th grade boy in need of size 14 jeans. Attached is a link in needed Jeans Link

Neighborhood Bridges/ HC-05

Belts for boys size 10-12

We need 5 belts for boys wearing size 10-12 pants. No specific color, just something to help hold up pants. T-09

SNACKS for ACAP Testing


. 225 small individual bags of goldfish

 225 small individual bags of variety chips

225 small individual bags of fruit snacks

225 small individual bags of M and M's 

225 small individual bags of Taki's

or any donation towards purchasing these snacks would be appreciated. 

Girls athletic leggings

We are need of girls leggings in black and neutral colors for our clothing closet. We use this closet to supply our students with clothing when they are in need. 

We need the following sizes: youth medium (8), youth large (10), and youth xl (12 or 14), and adult small

Any brand is acceptable. I have attached a link for quick purchase.


Please label donations T-04

Thank you so much for your help and support.

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