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Recently Filled Needs

Young child in need of food and necessities

A family who has recently gained custody of a young child is in need of new clothes, new shoes, a new stroller, and (lactose free) food for the toddler. The child wears size 2T in clothes. Please indicate in your response how you will help, what you will donate, and how much. Please deliver your items to the Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce at 100 E. Bartlett St. Boaz, AL. Thank you in advance for your kindness! 

NOTE: Due to your generosity, Neighborhood Bridges Boaz is able to provide $110 in matching support for food for this family and child.

Providing Food Assistance to Families in Need

We have collected enough funds to provide over 110 families with grocery assistance. Thank you to those who donated to all of our requests for food assistance -- it has paid off tremendously.

Boaz/Corley Elementary Students in Need After House Fire

Three elementary students and their mother are in need after losing everything to a house fire. They are currently staying in a hotel with very little to keep the children occupied. 

The mom said that the following of their favorite items would help keep the children's spirits up during this difficult time: 

- New Barbie dolls

- New "Hair stuff" (such as bows, brushes, ponytail holders)

- New Legos

- New Anything Minecraft related

Also, since they are in a hotel with limited places to keep food, the family could also use:

- Dry snacks (crackers, chips, cookies, granola bars, pop tarts)

- Restaurant gift cards (McDonalds/fast food or other local restaurants) for immediate meals

- Gift cards for groceries (Walmart, Piggly Wiggly) when they're able to shop

Lastly, each family member is in immediate need of NEW clothing. Sizes are below:

- Boy: Size 6/7 shirts and pants, Shoes size 13

- Boy: Size 6/7 shirts and pants, Shoes size 1

- Girl: Size 7/8 clothing, Shoes size 12.5

- Mom: Size XL shirts, Shoes size 8.5

Thank you so much for your generosity toward this PRECIOUS family! Please indicate in your response what you would like to donate (toys, food, gift cards, clothing, money, etc) and how much of each item (please specify the amounts). This will help us keep track of what parts of this great need will remain unfilled until closed. 

Help us get food to Boaz children in need during school closure

We are mobilizing once again to help our community children in need! Specifically, we are collecting funds to purchase food items to distribute to Boaz children in need. Due to ongoing efforts to flatten the COVID-19 curve, we are not doing a drive-thru pickup this time. Instead, we are involving only a few volunteers who will (contactless) deliver one bag of groceries per child to the homes of students in need as requested by their parents/guardians via an application sent out by our organization through Boaz City Schools. 

Our primary need at this time is monetary contributions. Our ambitious goal is to raise $4,000 to fill this need, so any amount you can give will help greatly! To donate now online, follow this secure link: http://bit.ly/BoazBridges . You may also contribute by check to "Neighborhood Bridges Boaz" mailed to the Boaz Chamber of Commerce at 100 E. Bartlett St. Boaz, AL 35957. If you are going to contribute by mail, please let us know by clicking on this need so we can keep track of what will be coming. It would be very helpful if you can include the amount and how you plan to donate in your response.

As you may know, many Boaz children often depend upon school-provided meals for breakfast, lunch, and more during the school week. The additional unanticipated burden of feeding children these meals has led to a significant food shortage in many homes. Thank you for helping us make sure our children are taken care of while schools remain closed and circumstances are changing for so many families in the aftermath of the current pandemic and the Easter Sunday tornadoes. 

This need will stay up until our goals are reached!

Corley Elementary student needs food during school closure

Corley Elementary student needs food to help get through the remainder of the school closure. This child lives with five other family members. Both parents are self-employed and out of work due to COVID-19. These students often depend upon school-provided meals for breakfast, lunch, and more during the school week. The additional unanticipated burden of feeding children these meals has led to a food shortage. 

The need is for food for up to one month. However, any assistance will go a long way. Thanks to some of our generous donors, Neighborhood Bridges will be able to match your support of this family up to $100 in groceries. You can help by donating online or by purchasing food and we will arrange delivery. Please indicate in your response how you would like to help, and how much (food or finances) you would like to contribute. Thank you in advance for your kindness!

Two Boaz Elementary students in immediate need of new clothes after tornadoes

These two boys were directly impacted by the tornadoes yesterday (4/12/20). Their home is a disaster, and they are both in need of new 5T clothing (boys) such as: shirts, shorts, pants, socks, and underwear. Also, one of the boys has special circumstances he faces and would love an oval shaped, bead-filled pillow as it is the only thing that helps him relax and sleep at night. Please indicate in your response what items you will donate and how many. You may also donate funds online to be used for purchasing these items. Please indicate that in your response and we will respond with additional directions. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity during this time!

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