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Donate to provide Thanksgiving meals to Milford families in need

Neighborhood Bridges Milford is teaming up with Milford Miami Ministry, a group of local churches that have come together to serve our neighbors in need, to provide Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to local families every year. This effort usually feeds 200 families during this period, but this year, they are estimating a need for at least 500 meals. We are seeking up to $3,000 to purchase food for meals.  Monetary donations are preferred to donated items because the Ministry is able to negotiate deals with local stores, making the funds go farther!

If you would like to make a donation through neighborhood bridges Milford -- 100% of what is received will be used to support this community wide effort.

Click "I can help" and we will send you a link to make a donation...:)



Delivery or payment instructions will be sent as a follow up.
When responding to a need, please be as specific as possible on how you can help.
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