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Where are you Going? In Need of a Gently Used Working Car.

Hello New Albany Bridges Friends,  We are still in of a gently used car in working condition for a New Albany Family. 

Why donate a car? 

  • Your donation to New Albany Bridges has a greater tax deduction as it goes directly to a local family in need(versus being sold)
  • You receive the Kelly Blue Book value as a tax write-off
  • We will handle the title transfer and it's fast and seamless
  • It will have a direct, life-changing impact on a local family in need 

A Refugee and New Albany Food Pantry Family is in need of a car.  The breadwinner is interested in pursuing continuing education and finding a job, but transportation is a big barrier to achieving any of this.


A Gently Used Car in working condition.

We are unable to accept Monetary Donation, we only can accept a donation of a gently used car.

Please email us directly at [email protected] 

Thank you for your kindness! 


Delivery or payment instructions will be sent as a follow up.
When responding to a need, please be as specific as possible on how you can help.
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