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Support for Hospitalized Pregnant Teen

A pregnant teen, her baby, and the involved custodian need community support in the form of Uber/Lyft or gas gift cards.

The family is in crisis as a teen mother went into premature labor at 29 weeks. The situation is complicated, but to receive the care needed the teen has been admitted to a hospital that is over 60 miles roundtrip from their home. She is expected to be hospitalized for an extended period. The custodian does not have a car and only limited personal and financial resources for support. The family would be very thankful for any assistance the community could provide in meeting this need.

A trip to visit the hospital using a ride app is approximately $50 round trip but could be more depending upon time of day/availability of drivers. Using national averages, a gas card reimbursement for assistance getting to the hospital would be approximately $30. Could we work together to provide them with 2 weeks of trips for visits to the hospital? This would be $500 in Uber/Lyft gift cards or $300 in gas gift cards.

Thank you very much for considering a donation to support this struggling family.

Thanks for your support!
This need has already been fulfilled.

We still have 1 open needs in Lakota.

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