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Opportunities for Kindness

Volunteers as needed to help load and unload furniture and applinances to help families.

We are looking to have a list of volunteers that are willing to help us load and unload donated furniture and appliances on an as needed basis.   You would be added to a list that we would contact when we have a need to move a piece or a couple of pieces of donated furniture or appliances.   By adding your name, only commits you to an email list to recieve requests for help.   We can work around your other commitments.  

single woman in need of windshield repair and car battery

I am a local social worker working with a single woman in need of windshield repair and a car battery. if you can assist with either of these items please respond. thank you very much

Young Mother needs twin or full bed and dresser

A Hilliard area young mother who is planning to move and is in need of a bed and dresser.   She is recently employed and is working to save money. 

Single mom needs monetary help to get back on her feet.

We have a pastor that has been working with a single mom her for months and she is doing such an amazing job of truly doing the work to get her life going on a solid foot. The folks at the shelter where she is have been amazing - but until she has the back bills paid, she can't get the new place.  Any donations would be appreciated! 

Rental Housing Needed

Hilliard School Social Worker is relaying a need for rental housing (1 or 2 bedroom) in the Hilliard City School District for a mother and teenage daughter.  Mom has recently been released from jail (felony charge) and works 2 jobs.  She has done so well since her release that she is being assisted with money from a post incarceration recovery program.  $800 is her max budget.  She is trying to keep her teenage daughter in Hilliard schools to minimize anymore disruption in her life.  

Volunteers needed to pack food supplies for hand out at Hilliard United Methodist Church

The Hilliard Kiwanis Club and Hilliard United Methodist Chruch will be putting together bags of food supplies to hand out to the community.   Volunteers (in small groups) will be sorting and putting together bags of food.   Please do not volunteer if you are sick, have symptoms or running a fever.      please use this link as it will show current availability of shifts. Sign up here:   https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0c44a9ac2ca64-hilliard1

If you have questions, please feel free to respond here.  

Thank you. 

Volunteers needed at the Hilliard Food Pantry

With changes in service due to current conditions, they are in need of more volunteers  Please go to their  volunteer website at to sign up for shifts.  It will have the most current needs and times.  Sign up here:  Hilliard Food Pantry Volunteer   If you have questions, please feel free to respond here or reach out to the Hilliard Food Pantry at hilliardfoodpantry.org

Recently Filled Needs

Family of 4 In need of basic needs met

I am currently working with a family that is in need of basic necessities. Both parents are working but the mother whom babysits has a lot of unpaid time from families impacted from COVID and are struggling to pay her. Due to this her own family is struggling to get necessary things for the home including toilet paper, hygiene products, dish soap, laundry soap, papertowels etc. a gift card or care package of any of these things would be extremely helpful at this time.

Large Family needs refrigerater

We have a large family that needs an additional refrigerator for their garage to help manage food for their large family. 

Small Freezer Needed

SON Ministries is working with a Hilliard family that is in need of a small freezer. They are a large family and they would like to be able to freeze and store vegetables from the UALC Community Garden for the winter. Please let us know if you have one that you would be willing to donate.

Single mom needs vehicle

A single mom  whose car died last week—she couldn’t get to her job and has now lost the job. She has 3 minor children and two adult children living in the home. Both adult children have jobs at Wendy’s but transportation is an issue for them now too.  Looking for a donated  vehicle  or possibly willing to sell at a low price


Client and husband in need of car repairs/maintence

Client at Syntero is in need of various car repairs, any portion or all addressed would be much appreciated. things needing repaired/checked out are : 1.)windshield crack repair 2.)transmission repairs/evaluation 3.)break pads Client utilizes this car for various medical needs and daily living. client is unable at this time to purchase a new vehicle due to living on a fixed income (disability).

Mom fleeing from domestic violence needs car seat

A mom who is staying in a women's shelter has an immediate need for a car seat that will fit a 14-month old child. She has the opportunity to see her children on June 29 and needs a car seat before that date. Please let us know if you have one in safe,working order that you would be willing to donate.

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