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Opportunities for Kindness

Senior Citizen needs help with co pay for counseling sessions.

A casemanager at Syntero has a older client that   has a very significant and serious need for weekly counseling but cannot afford the copays of $40.00/session.  Any donation would be appreciated. 

Clothing & Shoes for HCSD Children

Tops/Bottoms/Shoes (all boys)

  • Clothing Size 3/4, Shoes Size 7C
    Clothing Size 5/6, Shoes Size 10C
    Clothing Size 7/8, Shoes Size 12C
    Clothing Size 9/10, Shoes Size 1Y

      Hilliard Family needs stackable washer/dryer

      Family needs stackable washer/dryer. They do not have space for traditional washer and dryers in their home.

      Volunteers needed to help with Weekend Food Packs for students in Hilliard

      The Feeding Hilliard Students Program aims to support our students in Hilliard that are food insecure. This is a joint project with Hilliard United Methodist Church. We do this in two ways....

      1) Weekend Food Packs

      We supply weekend food packs to any of the schools that would like to participate in the program. Each week we deliver bags to schools for their staff to give to any student that they deem as food insecure over the weekend. These bags of food include 2 breakfast items, 2 lunch entrees, applesauce (or other packaged fruit/veggie) and a few snacks. We are currently at 300 food packs, packed and delivered to students in HIlliard.

      The packs are made on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. This volunteer opportunity takes about 1 to 1 1/2 hours depending on the number of packs we are packing and the number of volunteers we have that night. Packing is done at HUMC. You can show up one week or lots of weeks. Food packing is open to children, we ask that there is a parent present for anyone under 13.

      Delivery is on Thursday. Pick up is anywhere from 10 am to 1 p.m. and they can be delivered anytime though preferably before 2 p.m. Pick up is at HUMC and you pick up Blue IKEA bags that are filled with weekend food packs and are given an assigned school and how many bags to take. You drop off at the designated place at the school.

      2) Food Pantries - We have several schools that have small food pantries in their schools for kids and families to take extra items if they are experiencing food insecurity. Typically this is a crisis or it gets them through til the next paycheck. We will be dropping off food to those schools at the same time as Weekend Food Pack deliveries. You do not need to sign up on a seperate sheet. But you might be asked if you are signed up for Thursday deliveries to deliver food in addition to the weekend food packs.

      We are looking for volunteers (one time or multiple times) for both the packing and delivery of food packs.

      To sign up please use the following link https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60B0C44A9AC2CA64-weekend1

      If you have any questions, please give me a text/call 614-949-9784 or email [email protected]

      Volunteers as needed to help load and unload furniture and applinances to help families.

      We are looking to have a list of volunteers that are willing to help us load and unload donated furniture and appliances on an as needed basis.   You would be added to a list that we would contact when we have a need to move a piece or a couple of pieces of donated furniture or appliances.   By adding your name, only commits you to an email list to recieve requests for help.   We can work around your other commitments.  

      National Sponsors

      Ohio Sponsors

      Kindness Council Members

      Recently Filled Needs

      Hilliard Elementary Student in need of shoes

      Boys athletic-type shoes sizes 3 and 4

      Furniture needed for gentleman moving into own place after being homeless.

      We are assisting a gentleman that has been homeless that is moving into his own apartment.  Looking for a gently used double or queen bed and a dresser specifically.

      Hilliard Elementary School Need

      - Girls Underwear, sizes 5/6, 7/8, & 10
      Hygiene items such as deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, soap, toothbrushes/paste, hairbrushes

      Utility and phone assistance

      I am a local social worker working with a client whom was approved for Disability through the Social Security Administration but will be needing electric and a phone bill assistance before those payments will start.  Any amount of assistance would be very helpful.  

      HCSD Family in Need of Warm Clothes

      We have a family in need!

      4 Brothers in need of the following items:
      - sweaters/sweatshirts
      - coat
      - pants
      - shoes

      The sizes are as follows:
      - clothes 8/10; shoes 13-1
      - clothes 7/8; shoes 11-12
      - clothes 4/5; shoes 9-10
      - clothes 2/3; shoes 7-8

          Hilliard City School student needs eye exam

          We have a student at a Hilliard school that needs an eye exam.  If you are an optometrist/ophthalmologist  or have a connection that might be willing to do this.  Or if you are willing to make a donation to have this done.  

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          Thank You!

          About Hilliard

          Lori Lee, Area Director

          Lori and her family have lived in the Hilliard City School District since 2009. She is the Community Connections and Office Manager for HIlliard United Methodist Church and is involved with numerous organizations in Hilliard. Her involvement with Hilliard City Schools includes participation in PTO at Hilliard Horizon, Hilliard Tharp, Hilliard Heritage and Hilliard Darby High School. She is the current PTO President at Hilliard Darby High School. She is a past President of the Hilliard Kiwanis Club and manages their Feeding Hilliard Students program. She actively participates in Hilliard Chamber of Commerce and the HIlliard CHAT (Community Health Action Team) Lori and her husband Lanton, have 2 children, Margaret and Landry. Lori is excited about the ways that Hilliard Bridges contributes to the success of Hilliard students and citizens.

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