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Storage Containers Needed at FWES


Our uniform closet is in need of some organization...

We have a plan; now all we need are the storage containers!! We are looking for 30 new bins/containers that are 15 inches X 20 inches (roughly the size that bussers use in restaurants). With your kindness, this redesign will help us meet student needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Thanks very much for your generosity, in advance!!

Recently Filled Needs

Fairhope East Elementary Family In Need Of Clothing


A Fairhope East Elementary School family is in great need of clothing for the children in the family. Here is what they are kindly seeking help with:

  • **Boy- size 8 pants and shirts & size 2 sneakers
  • **Boy- size 5 pants and small shirts & size 13C sneakers
  • **Twins- (1 boy and 1 girl): Boy size 2T pants and shirts and girl size 3T pants and shirts
  • **Boy- Size 18-24 months pants and shirts

If you can help to purchase any of these items, it would be very much appreciated. Gift cards are also very appreciated, if these items cannot be purchased for the family...

Thanks very much for your consideration and generosity, in advance!!

Water & Ice Needed For Hurricane Sally First Responders...


Water and ice are needed for our fantastic first responders of Hurricane Sally, please. Please email [email protected], if you are able to help out. Thanks very much for your kindness, in advance!! 

Shoes for a Kindergartener at Fairhope West


A sweet student at our school needs a new pair of tennis shoes.  Little girl's size 10 should fit her perfectly!

Thanks very much for your consideration, in advance!!

Snacks Needed

Hello, Fairhope East Elementary School is in need of snacks. Mini bags of snacks (Goldfish, pretzels, Ritz Crackers with cheese) and granola bars ( NO PEANUT BUTTER) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your consideration. 

Plastic Water Bottles Needed...


Fairhope East Elementary School is in need of plastic water bottles, for the students. As students are strictly using water bottles at the start of this school year, some children have not brought their own in or can sometimes forget them at home. Thus, the need for reusable water bottles for students at Fairhope East.

Thanks so very much for your consideration, in advance and please have a great day today!!

Girls Underwear Sizes 14 and Up


Fairhope West Elementary has recently grown to include students in 4th, 5th and 6th grades.  With this growth come some additional needs.  Our nurses tell us that we have a shortage of new, unopened packs of girls underwear in sizes 14 and up.  We could also use some women's small and medium underwear.

Thanks very much for your consideration, in advance, to fulfill this need!!

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